Felix, thanks for your response. I don't have a MAC handy but I can check on one tomorrow. I actually used the demo page to get my gallery working in Firefox properly. however, I'm still concerned about Safari. I don't know if the changes I made will fix safari or not without locating a mac to check it on. basically what i did to get firefox working was to copy the div code from the demo page to my index.html file where I ahve the gallery embeddded and then I updated my css file to look like the css code at the top of the demo page.

do you think that will fix it in Safari as well?

Thanks again!

ok, I got Firefox working properly by chaning the % sizes int eh div to acutal numbers. That's solved now. My biggest issue is whywon't this work on a Mac or Safari?

What's the cause of this and how do you resolve it? My gallery works fine on Internet Explorer on a PC. But, if I go to a mac, the gallery never, appears like it has attempted to load. Additionally, in Firefox on a PC, the simpleviewer gallery is nowhere near the size it's suppose to be and is chopped off across the bottom.

Is there some code to resolve these two issues.