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Currently, a user needs to right-click and select "Go Full Screen" to have the gallery go into full-screen mode.  Is there anything I can put into my JavaScript  that will automatically place the gallery into full screen mode when the user launches  the gallery?

If you look at my site, you'll see that I launch a gallery for each image at the bottom of the screen.





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How long ago did you download the application? 

On Saturday 27, Oct. I downloaded the program and there was a problem with the index.html file  in the XML Example. 

On Monday 29, Oct. Felix fixed the problem and had me re-download the software.  It all works fine now.



Having the ability to move forward/backward would be GREAT!

The XML-based version has a different audience than the Flickr audience.  We typically use it to display small sets of work on our websites.  We'd want our audience to be able to go back and forth over a small set of images.


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I agree.  I'd love to have a link that allows the person to order prints...etc. from the back of the picture.