Just playing around embedding a SV gallery from SVbuilder into Flash. All good so far, but before I buy pro, can you perhaps answer a question I have.

Will the gallery be able to resize to the maximum image size I set in SV builder when the stage is resized as in a Liquid layout?

When I run my container SWF that loads in the SV gallery SWF it fails to resize when my liquid layout resizes, like it does when I simply run the SV gallery SWF on it's own.

Does that make sense?



Using SV 1.9 pro.

I have had great success with SV so far, there is just one thing I think must be possible with a small code tweak in StageManager.as - I think. I have tried a few tweaks but no luck yet.

I need my images to downscale.

When I resize the SWF the ThumbArea (all thumbnails and arrows) align to the centre on the (Y) axis. How can I stop them from moving ....without setting fixedlayout=true and doing it that way (because then you don't get imagedownscaling)?

Many thanks


Yes Simpleviewer is truly great!

I too am encountering this same issue. I have a fixed layout, portrait orientation images with main image alignment to the left.

The play, pause, and the right next image button are all correctly aligned for landscape orientation. However for portrait orientation these buttons ideally need to reposition so their hit areas are over the portrait image (aligned left).

Freeflow - you could be right in that a slight adjustment to that code could fix the issue, I'm not a coder unfortunately!

Any advice welcome.

exactly as the title says > How easy is it to have a rollover frame colour on the thumnails?

Has anybody done this?

JH :)


could you please let me know if it is possible to align the top left of the image area with the top of the thumb area (when thumb are is left).

I see that simplevewer always loads images from the centre - if an image is larger then it spreads the extra 'y' height at the top and the bottom.

Is it possible to fix te top left of the image area to the top of the thumb area so that the viewer only spreads the extra height of uneven images at the bottom, and wider images over to the right.

do you understand this? I had a look at the flush example and that is getting there.