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Thanks for getting back to me Felix.

In my mind, there is a slight difference between customizing and configuring.  I do not wish to "customize" or modify the way Autoviewer works.  Especially since I don't own Flash.  I simply want to be able to configure it by choosing an xml file and image directory for a gallery.  Since this is pretty easy in SimpleViewer, I assumed AutoViewer would be similar.  I guess that was my mistake.

So if your statement is true...

AutoViewer-Pro is customized in exactly the same way as SimpleViewer-Pro

Can I do the following with Autoviewer?
fo.addVariable("xmlDataPath", "galleries/gallery.php?id=21")

...and can I specify this in the XML file?

If this can be done, please let me know. Perhaps I've overlooked something.  If not, then they are NOT configured in the same way.

I just want to configure some options on the fly instead of having to republish a viewer.swf for each gallery.  Apparently others are having the same problem:

(sorry...couldn't post URLs in the forum)

In that last one...in your own words:

Autoviewer is not setup to accept the 'xmlDataPath' variable in the same way as SimpleViewer. The reccomended way to set the xmlDataPath for autoviewer is to set the 'XMLPath' AS option, then republish your swf.

Admittedly this is not as convenient as setting the xmlDataPath in the HTML embed code. If you want to have AutoViewer read in the xmlDataPath from the HTML embed code, make the following change in XMLManager.as.

Unfortunately, I found all this out AFTER I purchased Autoviewer.  My bad...I should have researched it better.  I'll just have to find another solution.  Thanks anyhow.



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As a happy user of SimpleViewer Pro, I decided to try AutoViewer Pro when a client asked to set up a slideshow viewer with auto-advancing images.  Now that I've purchased AV Pro, it seems that customizing it is a little different than SimpleViewer.  Do I really need to purchase Flash for $700 so I can get my $45 viewer customized?  Or perhaps spend a couple of hours trying "possible" solutions?  Please tell me it ain't so!!!!  If this is true, please point me to the refund page!