to have the specified image load first in SimpleViewer Pro instead of the first item in the XML list

I think we are many to request for the same feature... I saw many topics about this on the forum.

Is there something planned for this ? Basically the idea would be to link the any picture of the gallery... Maybe a feature of the pro version ? I'm not a Flash programmer, but I believe (maybe I'm wrong !!!) this should not be too difficult to implement... and would be very useful !!!

Hi all,

as far as I understood, it's not possible to create a "table of content" of all the pictures and link any of them to the relevant picture inside a SV gallery... so far i think it's only possible to link the FIRST picture of a gallery.

Am I right ? If yes, I think this would be a very good feature to add !

If anyone has a solution to solve this issue, I would be very interested.