Hi Phillip,

The pages were probably still uploading to the server...

Give it a whirl now.

www dot alltheabovephotography dot com


Ureka..or something like it!!  I was able to solve the problem.  I was using Dreamweaver MX, and just upgraded to DW CS3.  When I opend the gallery pages with the embedded galleries, I recieved a pop-up warning me that the embedded file had browser compatibility issues, and that CS3 would fix the issues by changing the JS scripts.  It actually created a new JS Object file, and new code in the page...check out the site with the galleries and be sure to view the modified source code as well.

www dot alltheabovephotography dot com / Galleries / WeddingGallery / album / WeddingGallery dot html

Thanks again for the help offered in this forum!!

Take Care Everyone!!

Read next reply for how it was solved for me...

I ended up changing the site back to having the galleries appear in a new window when the photo gallery buttons are clicked.  I'll leave it this way until I can figure out a solution.  My intention was to have the gallery appear within the body of the site.  I have moved these gallery pages to a different folder in my directory while I work on the solution...not currently linked anywhere in the site.  However here's how to get to one of the gallery pages:

www dot alltheabovephotography dot com / Galleries / GalleryPages / Senior Gallery dot htm

Note: all of the pages in my site were created from a template with an editable region.  I had trouble placing the first string of JS code in the head tag per the FAQ...looks like the head tag may be locked due to the editable region.  Can this code be put some where else, or do I have no idea what I am talking about :) 

Thanks again for the replies!!!

www dot alltheabovephotography dot com/AviationGallery/

Hope this helps...all of the galleries should work great in Firefox, not in IE.


Hi Felix,

Thanks for the prompt reply.  I cleared the cache in IE, and double checked the "gallery.xml" file, and it is named with lower case:



I have incorporated the SimpleViewer gallery into my website.  The galleries work great when viewed in Firefox, however when viewed in any other browser such as IE, I keep getting the "Gallery Not Found" message.  I have read through a buch of the threads to no avail.  Does anyone have any ideas? 

I'd love to sublit the source code and/or site address, but I guess I'll have to make some more posts.

Thanks so much for the help!!!