so it seems like im kind of doing the same thing that skiedout is-  using a template with an editable region..

what i did was make a .png file in fireworks, imported into dreamweaver, deleted the picture that was in the space i want to use, turned that space into an editable region and then copy/pasted the div/script part from the simple viewer index.hmtl file in between the editable region tags and also c/p the script tag from the index into the head tag on my template-- everything the faq told me to do! 

all i see when i view the page in firefox is that message that says 'this page requires macromedia flash..bla bla bla' - and even if i click on any of the links (to download flash or to view the gallery) it goes to a 'page not found' thing.

what do i do now?   :(

please help!