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Hi Felix,

While searching under Shopping cart, I saw your post here suggesting that buying the source code would enable a developer to make a Shopping cart integration with SimpleViewer.. (can it be done for tiltviewer as well?)

I am not a programmer, so how much would it cost to get the source code (for titlviewer) and also how complex is making a shopping card using the source code from your experience.

Many thanks,

Jason, this is quite a common request. Unfortunately, integration with Shopping Carts is quite a complex task. Also, there are so many shopping cart solutions out there that it would be very difficult to make SimpleViewer compatible with all of them.

My suggestion would be to purchase the SimpleViewer Source Code then have a Flash developer work on the shopping cart integrartion.


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Good point. I'll put this in the next version.

Hi Felix,

When are you expecting the new version?

Dear Felix,

Can we center (align) text in the XML description?



Hello there,

I'm wondering if the TiltViewer Pro, would allow me to remove the credit at the bottom left showing TiltViewer?

Since I'm afraid my competition would copy my styles  ;)

Many thanks Felix