Are you using the latest buildgallery.php? It was updated to be compatible with v1.8.

Hi Felix,
Yes, I was.  I noticed a few changes in it especially in the  "options" line.

Oh, Felix, I can send you 2 images from the filesystem if you want to test it out or create one or two with 450 pixel wide.  Then put in the images directory, vanilla install, with vanilla buildgallery.php.

I used IE on XP.

It could be because my original images are smaller than 640?

No, the "maxImageWidth" value has no effect on thumbnail size. possibly you were looking at a cached version of the thumbnails.

I'm pretty sure it wasn't cached.  I've got a background in QA and these days, with web applications, I'm pretty good at closing browsers and starting fresh (clear cache, clear history, check the file system).

I created a new 1.8 directory, copied my images, and used the vanilla buildgallery.php.   Clear cached, ran buildgallery.php, and my thumbnails were funky. 

I checked 1.7 buildgallery.php and noticed the 480 settings.  Changed the settings in 1.8 to read 480 and cleared cached, history, etc....reran buildgallery.php and my thumbnails look great.

So I know, for sure, that with a new install, not an upgrade, with my original images, the thumbnails were weird.

I scaled my images 450pixels wide before uploading them.  That's the biggest I go.  Perhaps it has somethign to do with the size of my images?

I fixed the problem.
Looks like 65x65 wasn't the problem in the buildgallery.php but the $options line

Change this from 1.8 to be the same as 1.7:

maxImageWidth="640" maxImageHeight="640"

To this:
maxImageWidth="480" maxImageHeight="480"

Looks like that 640 settings like made my thumbnails look really bad.

You can check it now at:

I changed the setting back to 65x65.  I deleted the first 5 thumbnails from my thumbs/ directory.

I re-ran the buildgallery.php script.

It created the new 5 thumbnails.

However, the thumbnails still look like very low resolution.  It looked really good on 1.7 but on 1.8, it looks pretty bad.

I've cleared my cache and temp files.

Is there another file that I need to look at?

v1.8 thumbnails are 65x65 (not 45x45 as in v1.7). Try using the latest version of buildgallery.php, to create bigger thumbnails.

Thank felix.  It was 65x65 originally, and I ran buildgallery.php.   That's when the thumbnails looked bad.  I changed it to 45x45 and it still looks the same after I cleared the thumbs dir and reran buildgallery.php

I'll change it back to 65x65, empty my thumbnails directory, and rerun it.  I'll let you know.


After upgrading to 1.8, my thumbnails look horrible.  They were really nice on 1.7.
I tried changing
$outputX = 45;
The same as in 1.7.  Removed the thumbs, and re-ran buildgallery.php.

Anything else I need to look for?

The site is

I have a backup of the original thumbnails, but the thumbs on the web still (yes, I cleared cache, etc) look like low resolution