There is a file you might try to tweak, but in this case, you might be better off editing, setting line 17 to true (to set static layout).

static var fixedLayout:Boolean = true;

And then setting the x- and y-coordinates of the thumbnail block in lines 84 and 85 of

static var thumbAreaX:Number = 500; //X posn of Thumb Area
static var thumbAreaY:Number = 10; //Y posn of Thumb Area 

to whatever values work best for your layout.

I found that it was a lot like designing a website: try a value, save, republish your .FLA file and preview the result, change again, preview again, etc. until you arrive at pixel-precision!


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Improved SimpleViewer administration tools?

It would be lovely to see the SV Pro options for customizing static layout turned into a Flash component, with a wysiwyg inspector, or at least some sort of table with names:values that makes it easier than picking through

Nice work, regardless.

I found the answer by reading through the forums and messing around with options in the various .as files in the class...

Specifically, edited, changing one of the lines to:

imgX = Math.round((w-imgW)/2) + fw;
imgY = fw;

That leaves the "portrait"-oriented images centered horizontally but top-aligned.

To left-align portrait images you would just use:

imgX = fw;
imgY = fw;

I just purchased SimpleViewer Pro. Great tool, thanks!

A further refinement of the question above, is it possible to align both the block of thumbnail images and the main images to be flush with the top of the SWF, regardless of whether the main images are in "portrait" or "landscape" orientation? The default seems to be to center the main image vertically in the available space.