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Ok forget it! I've finally twigged. :-)

Setting the relative image paths in the gallery.xml sorts it out.

Subject closed - feature request retracted.  :o


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Well I thought I cracked it but there's something strange going on.

I added the following line to swfobjects javascript:

so.addVariable("xmlDataPath", "sally/gallery.xml");

and .... I get the correct title "Sally" but all the images are taken from gallery.xml in the root.

So it proves that I'm able to pass the path across but only one piece of data is being used.

Now I'm really confused!!


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Thought it might be worth asking if you can make it easier for viewer.swf to operate across folders.

Currently I've tried to do this and presume it's not going to work like this:

var dir = "sally/viewer.swf"
var so = new SWFObject(dir, "test", "100%", "500", "6", "#000000");

as the code stands the gallery.xml used is not the one in the folder called 'sally'. If the viewer was configured to take the gallery from the current folder this would solve the problem.

I have the same problem and came here to see if there was an answer.
Obviously not but surely it's an easy thing to implement?

All that's needed is for one viewer.swf that can accept a path to the gallery.xml it should be using.

This would make multiple galleries very simple.

Thanks Richard, two recommendations so far I think is enough for me, I'll order it.  :D

What kind of stuff are you trying to customize?

I wanted to have one version where the thumbnail area resized along with the main image when the browser was resized and perhaps allow the thumnail under the mouse to expand.

Also I wanted to stop the thumbs from recycling with the mouse wheel, a behaviour that wasn't present in 1.7

The only flash book I can recommend is: "ActionScript for Flash MX: The Definitive Guide, Second Edition"  by Colin Moock

Would you recommend this on the basis that I've already outlined? Reading the reviews on Amazon led me to believe that you'd need a fair amount of knowledge before this would be useful.

Anyway this reply gives me the opportunity to thank you for a really great viewer which I've found extremely useful and easy to use.

Having just bought the code I was kind of hoping there would be some things I could have customised in the .fla file. In reality it seems most of this is all done in code and as I'm fairly new to flash and don't have a enough grounding in OOPs let alone actionscript can anyone recommend a good book or tutorial that would get me started.

I am not new to programming but am to actionscript and particularly OOPs so Felix's code (classes etc) are going over my head somewhat.   :shock: 

I am shying away from the definitive guides (O'Reilley) at this point as these publications are aimed at more experienced programmers who probably need updating on their current knowledge.

Any suggestions on something that would go from a good basic grounding to intermidate (at least) would be helpful.