in your html page add this line:

                fo.addParam("wmode", "transparent");

under this line:

        var fo = new FlashObject("viewer.swf", "viewer", "100%", "100%", "6", "#222222");   

I figured this out by looking at the FAQs for Simpleviewer & it worked in Autoviewer...

You can see what I did with it (if ya want) here:

Hi I do not see the transperacny, but do you know if the function works for all browsers. As far as I know it works only under IE.
Since I am Opera fan it does not work as for know.
I've update the script as you wrote, because in the past I've tried to set paranme and set the wmode to transparant, but even with the code above it is inly transparent under IE. My point it to set background actually. Any clues ?

Cheers !

you can use this line in the xml code:


this was the good part, now the bad part

this works onlin under IE, because wmode is some weird MS function that is suported ONLY under IE and all other IE based browsers.
This is one of the features that definately is missing in this gallery although it is really cool. Anyway if you want to place a backgound in the gallery, instead of looking only at one colour, you will need the source and implement in under flash.
I am not sure if this issue was fixed with the newest version 1.8.

and add in the html. file

<para name="wmode" value="transparent"/>