I have set the background colour to #000000 (Black) in both the viewer (using pro) and when the gallery was generated. It stays black until I try and embed the swf into an HTML file when it goes a softer grey. Can anyone make any suggestions?...




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I have been trying to do exactly the same thing and have had no luck. I tried the code that Felix recommended and still have not been able to get it to work.

If anyone has a solution to this problem it would be great!




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ahh... all you need to do is crop the thumbnail file to the area that you want displayed and it works fine... a little cumbersome if you have a lot of them to do but hey its working...


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you need pro... then open the options A.S and you can change it there, re-publish the fla and it should work!...


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Was wondering if there is a way to set the portion of the image that appears in the thumbnail?

I can re-size the thumbnail fine but it would be better if I could keep the thumbs small and just define which part of the image appears in the thumb...

The problem I am having is with gallaries going from portrait to landscape chopping heads off etc...

thanks for any help..



I have purchased SV-Pro and have used a simple button from my flash site to open SV, How do I now place a button in SV to return to my flash site?

thanks to anyone who an help...


meryy Xmass...