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Hi Felix , thanks for your interest.

You can try my solution at http://www.tancsicscipo.hu
The english translation not complete yet.
Log in with any email address.
Navigate to Goodies/Upcoming collection. There is a link in caption means "drop into my basket"
Tutorial here http://www.tancsicscipo.hu/swf/details.swf
or on hungarian page "webshop" menu point.

I cant modify source (i cant pay for it) thats why i must create a link into caption with url of my php script and make a parameter contains whole caption (including additional info size,color,quantity..etc)
My php script get this info and can manage basket items.
It would be more elegant that additional info being handled in viewer.swf directly (eg: a flash dropdown list for colors) and the viewer.sfw would call my php script with parameters.
I'm thinking of embedding viewer.swf into my flash , but to get info my flash must be parse the xml file too. (like viewer.swf)
(my preconception is the xml file must hold all data prices,sizes,colors)

ps: Felix , in my page i faced also the lenght of url problem. You say no barrier in SV.
But what about the lenght of whole caption? This is also unlimited?

Best regards.....

Maybe i'm wrong to explain it.

1: use picasa template, with your mod, leave blank to rubriek place
<caption><![CDATA[<font size="14"><A href=../buyfotos.php?foto=<%itemName%>&galery=<%exportDescription%>&rubriek= " target="main"><font size="14"><U>Place picture in basket.</U></font></A></font>]]></caption>
2: with picasa make a web gallery from one of your picture set
3: you must get a folder in your Dicuments folder: picasa HTML exports/your gallery name
4: there are some files in it: images,thumbnails,gallery.xml,index.html,viewer.swf,swfobject.js
5: rename gallery.xml -> galleryprototype.xml
6: rename index.html -> default.php
7: insert  some php code to beginning of default.php

next step: php code

need to know php file operations
-get parameter rubriek
-open file galleryprototype.xml for read
-read data
-seek place to insert rubriek info and insert info
-- search for "rubriek=" in loaded file
-- paste info, repeat this for every picture caption (search next "rubriek=")
-open gallery.xml for write (delete previous gallery.xml)
-write file

thats all. calling of newly created default.php is: default.php?rubriek=xxxxxx   will show your gallery with rubriek info.

repeat this for every picture set.


Hi, Berend

If you want to pass a parameter to viewer.swf, you can do as you wrote. BUT you must mod viewer.swf to recognize that
(Are you purchased source from Felix? Altough i can code in flash, a cannot pay for it.($45))

Picasa template is at work ONLY someone run Picasa.
ImageNode.xml is part of picsasa template.

The xml file which read by sv is gallery.xml

My idea is:
calling:   http://www.xxx.com/BerendSVgallery.php?rubriek=yyyy

content of BerendSVgallery.php:

$_GET['rubriek']  is the parameter

file open and read galleryprototype.xml

insert variable rubriek where you want into xml

write out file named gallery.xml

call sv: echo ".........";

ps: galleryprototype.xml can be created with picasa and acts as template file.

gallery xml will be created from galleryprototype.xml+rubriek parameter.
gallery.xml created BEFORE calling sv
you must be familiar with php coding.

ps : this method works if pictures and num of pict do not change, only rubriek info changes
if pictures also changes, you must create whole gallery.xml file (without galleryprototype.xml)
you must discover pictures on your own. (this is more difficult, you must do picasa's job)


Hi Berend,

There are some confused things...

0. for sv flash gallery you need only 4 things:  images,thumbnails,gallery.xml, and sv ofcoz.

1. SV dont create gallery.xml just read it.
imageNode.xml, header.xml ...etc are NOT parts of SV BUT parts of picasa (sv template)

2. Picasa create gallery.xml (with help of picasa sv template)

3. Its right that both sv, and sv picasa template made by Felix. but these are 2 different proggies.

4. if you want to mod sv picasa template. and insert additional things, you must consult picasa , how to make templates
BUT this method will be not automatic, changes on sv picasa template will not affect your gallery unless you run picasa and create gallery manually.

5. I think you need, to chage gallery.xml content dynamically on runtime. with picasa you cannot do that.
forget picasa and sv picasa template.
You need completely different new method to create gallery.xml file ( you must write proper php code to do that )

6. to enlighten me about your situation:
-your sv gallery start by a php file
-this php file got a parameter which hold info
eg: http://www.xxx.com/BerendSVgallery.php?rubriek=yyyy
-this rubriek info must placed into all image's caption

-in that case in that php file which fire SV you must insert a code BEFORE fire SV
this code must read galleryprototype.xml , insert rubriek info on every <caption> entry, and write out gallery.xml
then file SV, which will read newly created gallery.xml

galleryprototype.xml will be that full xml file but without rubriek info. (this can be created by picasa)

good luck

Berend ,

AFAIK this gallery xml file is static.
SW uses this file to display pics and captions only.
There is no parameter passing.
Your captions must vary time by time?
You want to drop into gallery.xml dynamic data?
In that case i think you must create gallery.xml file in runtime (not with picasa, but with proper php code)

In the past i used SV to display static captions. ( once i made them with picasa, and thats all, they're do not chages )

This would be great improvement to change captions on runtime dynamically.
1. search entry in gallery.xml file
2. mod captions
3. write out gallery.xml
4. restart SV ( i think SV reads xml file at once on start, and if xml file changed SV dont mind it.)



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I use picasa to generate SV web gallery.
In picasa you can find a number of html gallery template (without flash)
I would make a SV and a html gallery from pics and make 2 link onto homepage


<caption><![CDATA[<font size="16"><%itemCaption%><br><A href="http://www.tancsicscipo.hu/basket.php?s=<%itemName%>&c=<%itemCaption%>" target="basket"><U>Buy</U></A></font>]]></caption>

You must use modified picasa template, whick make xml file.
You must mod imageNode.xml file.
Or you can create xml file manually.
pls double check your xml file (in SV17 this is imageData.xml)
in this file in the caption entry must be the line just like the above one.
There must be a link: <a href=......></a>
in this link the target url is http://www........

in your file what is that url? it must be your php page NOT the index.html of SV page

good luck.....

Flash Ho,

I just want to demonstrate howto use SV in ecommerce.
Howto break out from SV with caption link and get data from caption.
The backend is a php/mysql script collection, which manages goodies in cart (set quantity ..etc)

Anyway this code is not complete yet
1: login, give your email addr (this will your account in database)
if there was previous login and item in your cart these will display
2: click one or more image caption to drop them into cart (bottom of screen)
images on cart have a  tooltip with its data
3: click thumbnail on cart to open details window, and set deatils of that item
4: set color,size,quantity, and press "Tárolás" as Save or "Pénztárhoz" as to cassa
5: To cassa menu point will list your order, and send an email to administrator

ps: i see your heavy actvity in svpro (with source fla) and  i think emommerce can be solved in flash also
in source you can easily call php scripts which manage cart items ,and set order.

i use picasa to create gallery

1: modify  imageNode.xml like this:


    <caption><![CDATA[<font size="16"><%itemCaption%><br><A href="http://www.tancsicscipo.hu/basket.php?s=<%itemName%>&c=<%itemCaption%>" target="basket"><U>Buy</U></A></font>]]></caption>


2: this makes a link into caption. pass 2 $_GET parametert to basket.php: ietm name(which determines the picture) and full caption text (which contains additional info:eg:price,size,color...)
3: basket.php add an item to the database.
4: see it: http://www.tancsicscipo.hu (navigate to "upcoming collection")
(the link is "hungarian" "kosárba teszem")
This site is bi-language (english hungarian) but at the moment e-commerce is only hungarian......


HI, i've played with html captions

This link works:
<caption><![CDATA[<A href="http://www.xxx.com/basket.php">Link text</A>]]></caption>

But this dont:
<caption><![CDATA[<A href="http://www.xxx.com/basket.php"><img src="xxx.gif"></A>]]></caption>

ps. i tried it with V1.7, is 1.8 better?

see my topic here:
http://www.airtightinteractive.com/foru … .php?t=795

Last night i found it.

I fighted with background image problem
I want to "noresize" image when window is resized, or screen resolution changed.

1. try: set backgroundImagePath="bg.jpg" in gallery.xml file.
Bad, the image not tiled but resized to fullscr, quite ugly, my jpg is 200x100.

2. try: make a 1600x1200 tiled swf from this jpg.
Bad, the swf itself resizes.

3. try: make Stage.scaleMode="noScale" in flash
Good, the swf not resizes the image.
But bad, when i set backgroundImagePath="bg.swf" in gallery.xml file, Simpleviewer force to resize that bg.swf

4. try: Make a master swf name comboview.swf, and invoke viever.swf, and bg.swf (which is noScaled, see 3.try)

loadMovieNum( "viewer.swf",10);
loadMovieNum( "bg.swf",9);

This works as i want. bg picture tiled and its size not changed when i resize window.
Overhead in size is minimal master comboview.swf is 127 byte, and bg swf is 1.7kbyte (this is a 200x100 jpg tiled up 1600x1200)

You can see it here: http://www.el-co.hu/s5vi


PHP gurus,

Is there a simple way to generate a gallery from a database?
I'm very beginner in php and mySql and didnt study buildgallery.php

The goal would be to make an impressive preview from database of an existing webshop.


Thanks for your tip Felix,

Meanwhile i tried that, i make a 1600x1200 swf tiled with my jpg (filesize will be very small! original jpg=1.7k big swf=1.7k)

I have a prob when i resize browser window. Background swf also resized. :(
But the result is quite good this is a minor prob. (I will try to set noresize in background swf)
My goal is, my page and swf's fill browser's window 100%.
Simpleviewer is good, automatically resized and follow  window size correctly.

Flash ho, my page is permanently upgraded, and changed. but usually available. Main multilanguage page at http://www.el-co.hu
english page to introduce applications developed by me is: http://www.el-co.hu/eng/s5vi/index.html



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Yes, folks, that works greatly....
Here is my page, all pictures and thumbnails are swfs......


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simply place the whole gallery in separated folder
and make a link from your page to that folder/index.html


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Pls forget that crazy backslash (suggested by microsoft)
and use the normal slahs as recommended in standards
path must looks like:  pictures/folder/index.html

i see duplicated ii in iindex.html also


Hi,  Felix and community

My prob is the background.
Before i used wmode =transparent but in mozilla the page gets very slow
I googled and found that "multiple swfs in mozilla causing slowdownd when wmode=transparent"
In my page all images and thumbnails are swfs .;)
Yes thats true, if i delete that param, my pages fast in both ie and mozilla (win/linux) So i think i must live without background jpg
But now i dload V1.8, and recognized new xml option "background image"
I tried, and it work great without slowdown in mozilla and i have background jpg
But unfortunately the little jpg not tiled, it magnified to fullscr
Is it a way to make background tiled? :?:

Thanks.....(you can see what i talk, here: http://www.el-co.hu/s5vi )