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Any help on this, looks like other could benefit...



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I think the length of the string for the xml file has something to do with the problem.  Is there some limit to how long the variable can be in javascript?  If so, is there some way around the limit?  When I use another asp page to generate the xml file on the fly it works.  If I use this as the source of the xml file in the index2.html it works:


You can see this xml page at:

You can see the viewer referencing this at:

Unfortunately I need it to work with the longer path of the asp file for the xml so I can get all of my search criteria passed.  Unless there is a shorter way that I don't know about.  Any ideas out there?



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I am posting this again since I can't view my original posting.

I am trying to get my gallery.xml page to be actively generated from a sql query being passed in the url of the page using asp classic.  I wrote gallery.asp to generate a valid xml page which I tested by browsing to the page then saving it as an xml file and referencing it in my index.html page and it all worked.  My next step was to include the link, with the search values, in my index.html to this actively generated asp page and that doesn't work.  It says Slideshow loading and nothing happens.

Here's the url to my gallery.asp which then generates an xml page:

Here's the code in my index.html

fo.addVariable("xmlDataPath", "gallery.asp?name=%25&user=&form_event=*&link=&BegDate=8%2F5%2F06&EndDate=8%2F6%2F06&city=*");    

Here's a link to http://www.furriestdog.com/index.html

Any ideas?



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I am trying to generate my gallery.xml page from a database query using asp classic.  I have it generating a properly formatted xml.  If I use this page to generate an xml file then save it to my server and use it as the gallery.xml file in the index.html it works fine.  However, if I include the url to the gallery.asp in index.html SimpleViewer loads in my browser but no images load.

Here's my link to my asp page:
http://www.furriestdog.com/gallery.asp? … amp;city=*

I am putting this in index.html:

fo.addVariable("xmlDataPath", "gallery.asp?name=&user=&form_event=*&link=&BegDate=8%2F5%2F06+15%3A00%3A00&EndDate=8%2F5%2F06+15%3A35%3A00&city=*");