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One solution that will work unfortunately will take away from the asthetics of your online images but is very effective. Before creating galleries import individually your images into Photoshop and literally create a text ribbon with copywrite data over your photograph, If you do this with a duplicate layer you can drop the opacity down to hardly visible then flatten the image and the pixel data literally becomes imbedded in your image. So even if the person gets your image from following file path the text data over your image is enough of a deterrant for them to move onto the next person


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Another question from a web-developing novice:

I am trying to create a very simple Home Page in Dreamweaver and link the SimpleViewer galleries created with free download version of SimpleView to buttons on Home Page titled: Editorial, Portraits, etc. This would seem straightforward but I don't even know how or where to drop the  7 files (gallery.xml, images, index.html,readme.txt, etc.) to make them configure and manifest as they open on my desktop. And after I do drag the files into the left tool bar on DreamWeave the gallery opens with a gray back-ground.

I thought that software would be to the point where we just drop and drag index.html into file tree and it would open.

Any help here would be great. Thank you.


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A sincere thank you, carpetony, for taking the time to respond with the solution.


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Your help is greatly appreciated. My question is simple and perhaps naive. I have the Free download version of SimpleViewer and I am wondering how to change the photo caption (that appears below the thumbnails column ) as the caption for the selected larger image defaults to the simple file import title and keeps that annoying ".jpg" file tag after I build my html page. I see only settings for changing the font color, background color, frame thickness, etc

My interface details are the following:
- Mac OS 10.4.10
- Adobe Photoshop CS3 and creating the SimpleViewer page through  Photoshop Scripts

Thank you!