As usual for me, as soon as I post somewhere asking for help, I fix it. I kept the Dreamweaver embed and changed the wmode from "opaque" to "transparent" and it seems to be working.

Please see my client's [test] site at

This only seems to be an issue in Chrome, where the drop down navigation for "Products" "Services" and "Contact Us" gets cut off by the slideshow made in the svbuilder-pro v2.

I've kind of got it working by just embedding it with Dreamweaver but now the background color is funky. Any assitance with either issue would be greatly appreciated :) I know it's something to do with wmode but I'm not sure where to edit that in the svbuilder.


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I did exactly what you said before to upgrade it. The read me file shows v2.0.1.


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*  Replace the SWF file in the Photoshop SimpleViewer script folder with the one from the Pro download. To do this:
          o Copy the /web/simpleviewer.swf file from the Pro download folder.
          o Paste it to the /Presets/Scripts/SimpleViewer_v2/ folder inside the PhotoShop application folder, replacing the existing SWF.

The file inside my pro folder is web/viewer.swf - will this cause any issues?

ETA - I just removed the simpleviewer.swf file and replaced it with the viewer.swf ...I have it processing in Photoshop now, hopefully it works right!

ETA2 - the simpleviewer credit is still showing so I guess not!

ETA3 - I changed the name of viewer.swf to simpleviewer.swf and it removed the credit, no matter what I change the settings to, it shows the thumbnails on the left side, 3x3 (I want them on the left side, 2x4) with the border color the same as the background... The gallerystyle doesn't seem to work at all.


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It installed to Scripts\airtight_interactive\simple_viewer

ETA: it didn't install the file or folder you specified.


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Yes, that is installed but it seems to be installing v1.9 - I went to the Photoshop scripts folder and that is what the read me file says is installed. When I run the script in Photoshop, it's an older version.


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I went ahead and bought v2 but I can't seem to get it to work in Photoshop CS4. I downloaded the v2 files and it seems to install fine but when I open up Photoshop it's an older version... Not sure what I'm supposed to be doing to make v2 work in CS4! Thanks for any help you can give.


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Thanks for the reply.

I bought v1.8.5 in April 2008 so it sounds like I need to repurchase?


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I bought SimpleViewer Pro a long time ago. I recently upgraded to Windows 7 and had to redownload SimpleViewer (which is the old version) so I just installed the basic/free SimpleViewer v2. It looks like there's a new version from the one I have - do I have to buy it again, or how do I upgrade to Pro?

I have been using the Photoshop version of SV, but I bought the Pro tonight and copied over the needed file to the current galleries and that works fine. My problem lies with the Preloader text, in which I'm trying to edit. I am using Flash 8, which I freely admit I know little about, but once the file is edited, I have no clue how to make the changes to the galleries, old or new. The file I edited isn't in the Photoshop script folder, and there's no file in the Photoshop script folder to edit, so I'm a bit stumped. Help would be greatly appreciated!