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I am wanting the zoomed out images to NOT be centered.  I want them top-left aligned and expand/zoom-in from there.  Is this possible?

I would also want the zoomed image to be top-left aligned, not centered in the flash object.


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Just responding to myself to let anyone else interested that Yes, you can use all the options inside the AS3 code.  They are in the format of:

options.useFlickr = true;
options.user_id = "number@N00";

options.rows = 4;

etc. etc.


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Hi Felix - in the Flash version, am I allowed to use all the same properties that are used in the HTML version inside the action script?  For example, changing the useFlickr to True, and then added the related properties (e.g. user_id) or other Pro options that aren't shown in the flash_embed example?


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So will tiltviewer pro work with the new flash videos on flickr?


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Ok, that makes sense, but how would I include the variable in my URL?  Something like this- domain.com/gallery/test.php?tags=name ?

If I'm using more than one variable in the URL, would something like this work:   http://domain.com/test.php?tags=fun& … amp;rows=4

How would I grab those 3 variables and use them?


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Hi i defently have the lastest version as i only got it about 2 weeks ago

maybe you could let me know what i should do

many thanks steve

There's been 4 version 1.3 releases over the past week or 2 to address some bugs.  So if you grabbed it more than a few days ago, you have an old copy.  Re-download and try again.


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Sorry, I just don't know enough about this to make good use of your comment.  Mind pointing me in the right direction?  Am I looking to have PHP write out html files on the fly based on parsing out the tag info from the URL? Or am I off base?  I am very much a novice, so be gentle.  :)


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Hey Felix - I have a TON of flickr sets, all tagged so they work with tiltviewer.  Right now, I'm creating 1 html file for each group of images... they're all basically the same, except I change the tag, grid size and zoomed out view as needed.

Is there an easier way to work with such a large group of sets - i.e. is it possible to create a single html file and pass the variables in the URL... tag=xxx, etc?  I'd actually like to create a few standard files... like one that is 4x3, 4x4, 4x5, and 5x5.  In those files, I'd set zoomed in/out as desired.  So that only leaves the tag that I'd need to pass - all other values would be hard coded (userID, etc).  Is that possible?

Ok, yeah... that did it.  Thanks again.

One more bit of info.  If there are exactly the number of photos that are in the grid (e.g. you have 12 photos, and you're using 4x3), you get the extra right arrow that leads to a blank page.  If you have less than the grid (e.g. you have 7 photos and are using 4x3), you don't get the extra right arrow.

Sorry Felix - another problem with this.  The update you just provided killed the right arrow permanently, even when more pics are available.  So now I only get 1 screen of photos, and no navigation arrows.


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It's working now.  When I go to flickr and click your showdesign tag, I now see pics.  Also, tiltviewer is picking up the photos.  I am hosting it here:


View the page source if you want to compare my options with what you have.  I don't know if you changed anything on flickr, but it definitely wasn't working before.  If I can't click on your tag on flickr's site and have it show me the pics, it will never show up in tiltviewer.


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When you click on your tags, do you have any that throw the error about you not having any photos tagged with that name, or do they show for you?  If they do show, then I'm still betting on a permissions thing.  What about safety filter setting?  I don't know if tiltviewer cares about safety level though. Also look at content type.. again, I don't know if tiltviewer cares if the photos are set as content=photos, or if changing that to screenshot or illustration would cause an error.

Yeah, that did it... works great now.  Thanks again for the quick fix.

Yes, I'm using 1.3 pro. I haven't tried this with the gallery.xml, I'm using flickr.  I have several groups of photos that should fit on 1 screen, but the right arrow shows on all of them.


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I'm not sure what's going on ... but when I click on most of your tags, I get FunkeePhil doesn't have any photos tagged with xxxxx.  Out of the 30 or so tags you have shown here, http://flickr.com/photos/funkeephil/tags/, only a few actually show pics.  I'll leave this to someone else who knows flickr better.


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You might also want to look at permissions on flickr - maybe you have them set to private.


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Retag your photos on flickr.  http://flickr.com/photos/funkeephil/tags/showdesign/  ... says FunkeePhil doesn't have any photos tagged with showdesign, but other people do.


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You need at least the first 3 (maybe all 4) of these variables in your html file:

fo.addVariable("useFlickr", "true");
fo.addVariable("user_id", "12345678@N00");
fo.addVariable("tags", "showdesign");
fo.addVariable("tag_mode", "all");

In above, you'll need to replace your user_id value with your own.  Aside from that, make sure the XML Gallery variables are commented.


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I spent 10 minutes trying to figure out why tiltviewer was displaying an empty screen.  Turns out my tag name was wrong in the html.  I created a tag in flickr something like this: name-date-event.  After I created the tag, flickr reported success, but the tag was displayed as namedateevent (hyphens were missing).  In my html, I used the non-hyphenated version of the tag, and it was failing.

When I used my original tag name (that included hyphens) in the html, tiltviewer worked just fine.  I ended up changing my tag name on flickr so it didn't have any special chars ... too confusing to have a mismatch like that.

Just thought I'd share...  hopefully it'll save someone a few minutes of head scratching.

I have a group of photos with a tag... 12 pics total.  I have a 4x3 grid, so all 12 are showing, and yet there's a right arrow showing as if there's more pics.  When I click the arrow, it goes to a second screen, empty screen.

Any way to get rid of the arrow when all pics associated with a given tag(s) can be shown on 1 page?


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Working perfect now. Thanks for the quick fix!


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I can't seem to get 1.3 pro working with flickr. I have verified my options, and they are correct - useFlickr is true, I set my userID, and appropriate tags.  TiltViewer is displaying the wrong pics - it is pulling from flickr, but not the correct images.


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Awesome - I love the changes. Thanks Felix, great work!

edit: hmm is it just me, or does using the new version with flickr NOT work at all?  Even though I'm changing the options, it's not picking them up properly... showing some other person's pics, even though I specify my userID and tags, and I have useFlickr set to true.  Is there something embedded in the swf?


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Someone asked that in the forums already - you can search for it.  But the answer is - you can't.