Felix... what can i say... you are a total dude!

I tried it... and it only went and worked!

So I am chuffed... sincere thanks for being clever geeza and coming to the rescue on this one.


Hi all and thanks in advance...

I need to get the smaller thumbnail navigation arrows to sit on top of the thumbnail images.  I have moved the arrow to the correct position (x and y) but they are covered by the thumbnail image when it loads.

I assume this is a case of specifying the arrow depth in terms of layer/depth but despite a few attempts I have had no luck.  I assume the issue can be resolved by amending the getNextHighestDepth command associated with the thumb nav buttons (in ThumbArea.as) but I may be wrong.  Here is where i suspect the level/depth is manipulated but again, I may be wrong...

(in ThumbArea.as)
mNextBtn = new RolloverButton(mClip_mc.mcNextBtn);
mNextBtn.doAction = Delegate.create(this, showNextPage);

Any help on this would be truly appreciated - I have spent ages trying to figure it out!