First ensure you're using relative paths.

Second, ensure that the relative path is correct.

Lastly, if it still doesn't work, post the xml and site where you uploaded so that we can take a look.


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I was experiencing the same issue I believe. I had IE 7 and flash simply wouldn't load. I installed it a bunch of times via ActiveX, and the same result. IE7 always said flash was installed properly, but I couldn't view flash 9 content, only flash 8 and below.

Finally I decided to try the zip file download, and that successfully installed flash on IE7. It might be an Adobe issue, and not a tiltviewer issue.

Just bought the full version over the weekend. I too also wonder if there is a way to have forward and backward navigation, since I am using the XML version, not the flickr version.

Love the effect so far btw.