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Not confortable at all with AS and not willing to hire someone.

Just checkeck 113 post and did not found how to change the pie in line..

I think I will have to google a lot :-)

EDIT: Already was able to change the caption position, time between pictes etc..


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Just playing around with AutoViewer-Pro and Wo-oW.
I like it a lot!

Just one question, would it be possible to display the caption just when the mouse goes over the picture?
Like it is in SV whe choosing Compact mode ?

Let me know

EDIT: Did forgot to ask about the image loader pie. How can I change it with something else?


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OK, solved it with a header page and some frames ;-)


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Where is the Delete button ???
I cannot see it on the admin page :-)


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Server is supporting php but the templates are all html...


I have an SMV install here http://blog.olliec.be/svmanager/


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I am trying to integrate the index page in an existing HTML page.
Doesn't work a lot. Not like I expected  :(

Please help...


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Got a question

Would it be possible to have multiple instances of SVManager on a site?

What I would like to is to dedicate each SVM Install for a special purpose.
I mean:

- SVM1 would be for concerts
- SVM2 would be for portrait
- ....

Than I would like to have a page with the different categories (concert, portraits, etc..)

I don't know if I make myself clear on this one..

Let me know


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Hope you will manage to do it ASAP cause Festivals time is on his way
:)  :)  :)  :)


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That's very cool !!!

Thanks a lot !!


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I have the same problem. Not with the client but with the shows we will attend.

Imagine this with a festival with more than 80 groups !!!

If we have to edit each index.php  :shock:


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I would like that my last upload pic to be the first pic in my galleries.
Is this possible ?? If yes, please let me know