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have a site that was hacked and it contained hundreds of galleries in it.  every single index.html file was deleted from the root of all gallery folders.  it doesnt look like any other files were deleted.  is there any way to restore the index files without having to rebuild each album?

any updates on this...galleries that i view on a a galaxy nexus are still coming out wrong...these galleries are being built using 2.2.0...

any word on a fix for moibile gallaries being viewed on the galaxy nexus mobile phone...all the thumbnails show along the bottom of the screen and dont allow you to see all of them and when you choose a photo you see about the top 5% of the photo and thats it. 
the entire photo is too far down the screen and not moveable...
in case you need to know the resolution of the phone is 1280x720....
if necessary i can post screen shots.



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when i was using porta version .96 it would rotate my thumbs and pictures just fine...i have now updated to porta .98 and it no longer rotates the pictures properly...it just stretches them...if i uncheck rotate images its not stretched anymore but the are obviously not rotated porperly...any ideas??