OK i have figured out how to set Caption as a link to an external swf file. You must embed the SWF in and HTM or ASP page and use the following Javascript to load that page in a Pop Up:

    <caption><![CDATA[ <A href="javascript:roxy01()">
    <U>Big Man On Campus</U></A>]]></caption>

That Said..... I was wonderng if it is possible to have multiple Caption Lines so I can set up multiple links.

I have modified the XML file as below:

<caption><![CDATA[<A href="videos/roxy/RoxyHunter01.swf", toolbar="no", scollbars="no", menubar="no", resizable="no", height="260", width="340" target="_blank" >
<U>Big Man on Campus</U></A>]]></caption>

The A href works fine however the rest of the controls do not affect new window.

Anyone have any ideas?????

does anyone know how to:

1) set toolbar, scollbar, menubar and rsize to NO in the XML file

2) set the new window to a specific height and width.

I have tried evry which way

never mind I figured it out:


<caption><![CDATA[<A href="SAMPLE.swf" target="_blank">

Now I need to figure out how to specify size of new window and elminate scroolbars titlebar etc so new window is clean and empty

I would like to add a link to an external SWF file to the CAPTION or IMAGE. Is this possible. Actually ultimately I would like to have multiple captions each with their own links to external SWF that load in a NEW window.

Thanks Adam