I am using simpleviewer 1.7 as the moment because it does more what i want it to do. I have a hyperlink at the bottom near the caption and whatever the resolution it resizes itself to fit everything in which is working really well for me and 1.8 dont do but just cuts it off.
But my problem is that the thumnails in 1.7 are only showing a corner of the image when 1.8 shows everything in the thumbnail. Is there a way to change this so i can either so the whole of the image in the thumbnails in 1.7 or the viewer rezizes itself in 1.8 rather than cutting of the bottom part of the viewer on  other computers.


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can i hyperlink the actual name of the file that is in the bottom left of the screen to another html page
check out the picture



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I have my gallery working perfectly but i where it comes up the caption of the photo file name i would like to make a hyperlink to another page. is this possible to do and how would i do it