... we can get this sorted by joining forces.  Its really odd, offline no probs; then the moment it gets on the webserver random ones dont appear.  Cannot be an IE or browser issue if the browser works offline.

i've tried it on both ie and firefox, and still get the random display :(

seems as thou u are having the same problem i have with pics not showing, as asked about in a previous thread, but no light has been shone on it yet.  :?

its ok... my flash player was out of date v8 :oops: now have v9 seems to be ok, but still have that prob of not showing all pics... like it does when im trying it out locally :/  :?  :?:  :!:

ive also been using postcode viewer for a while now v1.0 and hav just updated to v1.1 i also added a few xtra pics to the gallery, but in firefox it still shows the old pics but in IE it shows the new pics, but not all of them ?? :?

is there a limit to the amount of images you can have in the gallery?

any ideas?