I understand that hence the reason I did not get any support from you!  It's clear now though it does NOT have to be as3

Just want to update this post because i'v been poking around these forums for a few weeks now trying to obtain information on how this can be integrated into a as2 site.  We just could not be expected to rewrite entire applications just to get this integrated into an already built site or a site that was going to be built as2.  No help from anyone at Simple Viewer, we had to get it done, and this is what we used I was able to successfully bridge the sites framework and tilt viewer and get a full integration into a as2 site.

http://www.jumpeyecomponents.com/Flash- … Bridge-91/

Hope this helps some as2 developer out there. Took me 2 weeks to find a solution, but i'm glad I did.

Looking for people who have successfully integrated tiltviewer into a as shell.  Using a as3-as2 bridge or whatnot.  Need to know.


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TiltViewer is still not responding or loading while being loaded under the hood of this framework.  It seems like it's got to do with scope -- it's loading the movie into some sub-scope, and that is probably freaking out TiltViewer. 

I get the error I specified in my first post above, although i'm able to get rid of the error by changing the options code to this, but I get the same results, no tilt viewer. =(

ldr.contentLoaderInfo.addEventListener(Event.INIT, setOptions);
function setOptions(e:Event){
  var options:Object = Object(ldr.content).embedOptions;
  if (options == null){
    options = {};
    Object(ldr.content).embedOptions = options;
  //Set example options here
  options.columns = 3;
  options.rows = 2;
  options.useReloadButton = false;
  options.bkgndTransparent = true;
  options.useFlickr = false;
  options.xmlURL = "gallery.xml";
  options.maxJPGSize = 640;
  options.bkgndTransparent = true;


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It's not.  Since your example does not have it in a AS file and I tried and it's just not working, what kind of support can you offer for this implementation?


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Because I am adding this to a SECTION of my website I don't want it to just pop up right away, and the way the site is structured all the actions reside in a separate AS file not in the main timeline (like the example file) and all my sections are called through a XML file (not like the example file)  so there is no place to insert that timeline code like the example file has it set up.


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Loading tiltviewer directly does not work, theres no place for me to insert all the option code without that middle embed file


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I have a as3 site that loaded everything though XML, trying to get Tilt Viewer pro loaded in but can't seem to do so, i'm loading the file flash_embed.swf provided but i'm getting this error

TypeError: Error #1009: Cannot access a property or method of a null object reference.
    at flash_embed_fla::MainTimeline/setOptions()

I need help with this please.


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Very nice.


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Does anyone know if there is a AS2 version available?

This seems to be an issue with everyone that bought this app. I also want to know who the hell is going to use this if it can't be integrated into a flash site?  If your thinking of buying this app, don't because it's useless without the fla.  You can't load it into your main flash movie anyway. I'v searched though the forums and every other post is about this.  Lets get some answers here before more people waste their money on this app. 

1) when is the next version projected to launch

2) Will this next version have the correct work files.

If you pay for a script you should get it, especially when they claim to give you everything you "need" to get it integrated.


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I am interested in making this a section on my flash website,  Is it possible to loadmovie the swf onto a level or a target and have this be a transparent background?