I'm having some issues with the images stacking. I have gone through all the image tags, checked for inappropriate spacing in file names and throughout the gallery xml file. All images load, just on top of each other as far as I can tell. Also, is there a way to remove the numbering in the upper left corner?
here is the link:
www dot freedanger dot com slash PAGES slash kymiaparty

As always, any help is greatly appreciated.
Thanks very much!

got it!

thanks again! its now all up and running and i will never try to use text edit at 4 am ever again.

wow, thanks so much for the quick and overwhelmingly helpful response! i guess i was really really not paying attention and getting frustrated with myself.i have downloaded the file, thanks again, you can take it down from your server.
do you know why the original two don't show?

I have used Simple Viewer multiple times to construct online galleries, but I have never ever experienced this.
You go to the gallery, and all you get is the first two images, and two thumbs below. There are 70 images total.
They also have captions which do not appear whatsoever.
My gallery is at www freedanger com slash PAGES slash kymianawabi
I would really truly appreciate all the help I can get on this one, its very important to me I get this running asap.
Thanks in advance for any help and suggestions.


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First off I want to say I love all these programs, and am most familiar with simple viewer. This really is a great free resource!

So, what's happening is I have created the tilt viewer gallery and uploaded it on my server. However, every time the tiltviewer loads all I get is the grid which is customized to the colors I chose and it moves around but I can't actually see any photos.

The problem has to be in linking or accessing between the image and the galleryxml file.
Infos-74 photos in total, aligned in a grid unevenly at 13 columns, 6 rows
then each photo is called a number i.e. in the "imgs" folder each one is 1.jpg, 2.jpg etc. until 74.jpg.
The index page goes to gallery.xml, and each photo in the gallery.xml is:
<photo imageurl="imgs/1.jpg" showFlipButton="false">
because I don't want the flip or the title or the description just the photos on the tilt viewer.
Let me know what's up, I hope to fix this asap!!!

Thanks to anyone who has any ideas in advance!