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Is there any other way for me to filter certain photos from my flickr photostream out of my tiltviewer other than by using a tag?


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when I look at http://www.flickr.com/photos/jalpuna/tags/twenty200/ I get a different image order than your jpg. I get the same order that tiltviewer is using.

Are you sure you're comparing the right links and jpgs?  This stuff gets complex to explain :)

Currently, all of the photos on the first page of my tiltviewer are all tagged with 'twenty200'.  Thus, the order HERE where there is no tag should be the same as the order HERE where I am using a tag.  But the order is different.

If not possibly there is some Flickr global image sort setting you can modify?

Hhhmmm...  I don't believe there's an option in flickr for that, not to mention that the flickr photostream for my tag has the photos in the correct order AS SEEN HERE, whereas my tiltviewer with the tag has a different order (the screen caps)

does clearing your cache change the image order?

Definitely not.

This is an odd behavior I'd noticed for a long time but couldn't figure out the cause of.  As soon as I removed the "tag" option from tiltviewer, the problem was solved (except for the fact that I'd like to be able to use a tag).


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Here's what I'm seeing:

On my flickr tag photostream:

On my tiltviewer when I use a tag:


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My tiltviewer, set to show my flickr photos tagged twenty200

image order is identical here?

It should be identical, but it's totally different.  Not reversed, just somewhat scrambled.


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It's also worth noting that the order on tiltviewer doesn't match the order of photos in a flickr tag-specific photostream.

Again, using my site as an example, I only have one tag in my entire flickr photostream.  I use it to filter certain shots out of my tiltviewer.  The tag is 'twenty200', which is also the name of my site.

If a flickr photo had that tag, it showed up on tiltviewer.  But the order was different between tiltviewer and the flickr photostream for that tag.

Here's an example:

My flickr photostream for the tag twenty200

My tiltviewer, set to show my flickr photos tagged twenty200

The order is different.

...just for the record, I'm using tiltviewer pro (1.3, I believe)


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I'm having a similar problem.  The order of my photos in TiltViewer does not match the order of the photos from my flickr photostream if I use tags.

If I comment out the tiltviewer variables tags and tag mode, the order DOES match.

I'd been using tags to keep some of my flickr photos off my tiltviewer.  Basically, I created a tag to give all flickr photos that I want to also show up on tiltviewer.  This does a great job of filtering some flickr photos out of my tiltviewer, but it screws up the order.

I was assuming Tiltviewer had been updated since I first saw the odd behavior at the final page of photos because I haven't had it happen since that first time.  It's worked flawlessly for me ever since.

I was wondering if there's a way to have Tiltviewer display random flickr images (random images from my account, I mean).

PS:  Felix, Tiltviewer is absolutely superb.  My god man, you're a genius.  Each time you create a photo viewer, you seem to blow away your previous work - and that's a hell of an accomplishment.

All I can say is one big WOW.  Tiltviewer is amazing.  One question:  When I reach the final set of photos in a flickr gallery, there's no button to go back to the beginning (as in, the most recent set of photos).  On the last set of photos, there is a super-tiny blip that seems to want to follow my cursor around.  I tried clicking it, but it's only 2 or 3 pixels wide (5 at most), and it moves as my mouse moves, so there's no way to catch it.


bump again.  Felix?  Thoughts?

I'd like to have captions, but I'd like them to disappear when someone's mouse isn't on the image rather than always having text on the photo being viewed.  Or, maybe a hotkey to turn captions on and off?



Just to clarify, by "scroll" I meant when scrolling over the pic with your mouse, not while the pic is scrolling across the screen.

Is it possible to have captions visible only when scrolling over the pic?  ...just like the play/next/previous buttons?

No matter how much I try, build_gallery won't reverse the order of images loaded, nor will it sort by date.

It did allow me to make other changes, such as changing the image frame color, the frame width and image padding.

Apparently, everything is working except:
- sortImagesByDate
- sortInReverseOrder

It appears to be displaying images by date, oldest first.


P.S.  Felix - Autoviewer is phenomenal!