Sussed, I've added it as a static attribute in xmlTransformer.xslt

Now it would be nice to understand galleryMaker.xml a bit better so that it could be a settable param in Lightroom.

Ah.. I found the answer.

I think the user guide confused me as it referred to adding attributes to the gallery tag.

Actually the gallery.xml file output from Lightroom has a root tag called simpleViewerGallery not 'gallery'

Now I can see how to make this work, though for lightroom integration I'd really like this to be set automatically for all my galleries, so this would require some further customisation of lightroom, I expect in the galleryMaker.xml file.

I'm trying to set navPadding in gallery.xml but with no appearent results.

Currently I'm trying to use it as an attribute in the gallery tag. I have tried setting it to values between 0 and 20, but the placement remains the same always.

I am placing the thumbnails below the main image.

Any help appreciated.


<gallery  navPadding="0" >

I've customised the actionscript to overlay a text watermark on my images, so far so good, I have a watermark overlaid on the image, but there is a wrinkle I can't quite get ironed out. 

Here is what I did.

I created a movieclip symbol similar to caption to hold my text, I use dynamic text and a named instance. As with the caption.

I decided that this clip should be attached to the ImageArea, on top of the Image instance.

I created a method for ImageArea to populate the watermark movieclip with my text and to size it with the size of the just-loaded image.

Then in the Image object I added a call to that method in onLoadInit()

Essentially, I don't want to set the text of my object until the image is fully loaded, but no matter where I place the call in the lifecycle of either the Image, or the ImageArea I can't stop this initial presentation of the text in the incorrect position on the ImageArea.

I suspect that my overall reasoning is correct, but there might be something flash-y that I'm not understanding about how my text clip is instantiated.

Any thoughts welcome, though I recognise that this is a complex post so its asking a bit much for advice on this.  In return I'm happy to post a listing of my changes for anyone who wants to reuse this approach.


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I think there may be a bug causing my problem. I've altered the first parameter in xmlTransformer.xslt to reference the correct attribute containing the site title.

The correct parameter should be...

<xsl:param name="siteTitle" select="/photoCollection/display/metadata/siteTitle/@value"/>

This seems to correspond correctly to the model defined in galleryMaker.xml

<mx:Model id="metadata">
                 <!-- "$$$/WPG/Templates/BlueFire/SiteTitle=Site Title" -->
                <value>$$$/WPG/Templates/BlueFire/SiteTitle=Site Title</value>

I'd appreciate any links to documentation on how all of this works as its rather tedious to reverse engineer everything.

I tried to locate a reference to the mx: namespace but googling didn't turn up anything useful.


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I'm beginning to tear my hair out here.

After I installed the pro viewer I couldnt see the title any more (should be above the icons right?)

So I've done the following

1) Uninstalled Lightroom

2) Reinstalled it

3) Deleted all my preference settings

4) Restarted it

5) Created a new catalog

6) Imported images into it

... And I still can't see the site title.

This is with the built in version of SimpleViewer, I haven't installed the updated viewer file yet.

When I look at the generated gallery.xml file (following export) the title attribute is an empty string ""

OK... I'd copied in all my old preferences into my folder

C:Documents and SettingsMyLoginlApplication DataAdobeLightroom

including the older versions of SimpleViewer etc. These evidently took precedence over the LR 1.3 installation in the directory you mentioned in your docs.

So my fault for copying too much over from my previous installation.

I look forward to adapting this to my website in the next day or so.  Thanks

1) I installed the viewer.swf in the lightroom template directory, this is from Simpleviewer Pro version 1.8 release which I just purchased.

However. In lightroom, and in any exported galleries, the download link is still visible.

I've restarted lightroom several times, copied the viewer.swf a couple of times and made sure that the date on the viewer.swf file in the lightroom directory matches the date an size of the 1.8 version...

still no joy.  Is there anything else I can try?

2) I would like to customise the viewer using Flash, I had the idea of simply copying the whole Lightroom template directory to create my own version, and dropping my own viewer.swf into it. However, in Lightroom, I can't see this template option in the available list. Is there some config file which needs to be edited so that my new template subdirectory becomes visible, is it in one of the xml files?