i found the answer. yeah!!!!

Is this even possible: I have a flash document with a dynamic text box. I want to load the "title" of a gallery into that text box. That "title" is generated in my gallery.xml file. Is there a simple code that can extract that title and dynamically load it into flash?  I have no experience w/ xml and can't figure it out by myself. any help is appreciated.


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i found the solution, and it works great. So I have stationary (static) next and back buttons outside of the image.

thank you haphun for all your great work. I didn't use all your code but was able to use your explanation to configure it to accomplish what i was looking to do: just to move the buttons off the image and hold at a static location. This is a breakthrough I've been searching for, for years. thanks.


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I would try making a buttons on the stage calling the next and last image functions, something like this.

//Set button actions
nextImageButton.onRelease = function(){

did anyone get this to work? I haven't figured it out yet, but would love to get it working. Some non-savvy computer users (like my family) don't even realize there are navigation buttons.


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how big are the file sizes for your images?  I think downsizing the images to the proper dimensions and resolution and then optimizing would be your best bet. But I assume you've tried that.  I scale mine down in the neighborhood of 120k maximum on each and I can have each loaded in a second.  Ten second load seems odd for any web load.  can you send an URL of your site?


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honestly, i just don't understand your situation. I've seen your postings and I feel for you. This is not an issue that's causing any problems.  All the images are preloaded as it comes in. So why have the need to preload the "next" image again.  Unless your internet connection is slow enough where it can't handle loading a picture at least every 3 seconds.  All my images are loading within 10 seconds of entry and the autoplay whips through them with no stalls. I would love to help, but not clear on the need.


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Aren't all the images preloaded anyway?


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I hope this makes sense, I'm just an amateur Flash guy:

My goal in the beginning was to design a Flash photo gallery for a photographer with no Flash knowledge. I also wanted to make the uploading and editing process very simple, and independent.    My plan was design a Flash site using the example for multiple galleries, and have a client use svmanager. It seems simple in theory, however, there were issues with the path compatibility:

If you were to use svmanager to produce a gallery (i.e. "gallery01"), it would kick out a "gallery01" folder containing the essential files:
images (folder)
thumbs (folder)

In the "Flash Embed/multiple_galleries.fla" example, the "gallery1.xml" file is not located in the same root folder as the "images" and "thumbs." Resulting in a paths that were not compatible.

There was a way around this, simply by altering the svmanager generated "gallery.xml."  By adding the correct path "gallery01/images/" to the imagePath and "galleryX/thumbs/" to the thumbPath. 

But this was an imperfect solution. It still didn't get the job done. My goal was to create gallery that any client could use, even with no html or flash knowledge.

I finally found the answer in the Simpleview v1.9 in the multiple_galleries.fla.  By changing the Options to imagePath and thumbPath to the desired path, it created a viewer.swf that was compatible with the svmanager galleries.

function onLoadInit() {
    //set gallery xml name
    _root.xmlDataPath = "gallery0"+galleryId+"/"+"gallery"+".xml";
    //set gallery specific options
    if (galleryId == 1) {
        com.airtightinteractive.apps.viewers.simpleViewer.Options.imagePath = "gallery01/images/";
        com.airtightinteractive.apps.viewers.simpleViewer.Options.thumbPath = "gallery01/thumbs/";
    if (galleryId == 2) {
        com.airtightinteractive.apps.viewers.simpleViewer.Options.imagePath = "gallery02/images/";
        com.airtightinteractive.apps.viewers.simpleViewer.Options.thumbPath = "gallery02/thumbs/";

I'm sure many smarter people have figured out better and easier ways to do this. But this was a big accomplishment for me.


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after a year's fiddling around, I finally found the answer to this question for myself: how to use svmanager with multiple galleries. If someone is in the same boat, let me know.

just had a major break through last night after a year's fiddling. It might be simple for some, but this was something I had been dealing with for sometime.

To have a client use svmanager to produce multiple galleries, embed in a Flash, without having to change any of the xml data afterwards.

one of the previous posts covering loadInit was the most helpful. thanks Felix.

I can get on with my life finally.

I understand you can change the imageFrameColor (From the multiplegalleries.fla) using:

if (galleryId == 1){
    com.airtightinteractive.apps.viewers.simpleViewer.Options.imageFrameColor = 0xffffff;
        com.airtightinteractive.apps.viewers.simpleViewer.Options.imageFrameColor = 0xff00ff;

Question is, can you apply the same logic and do:
com.airtightinteractive.apps.viewers.simpleViewer.Options.imagePath = "galleryx/gallery.xml";


I'm trying to make multiple galleries, in a Flash template.  For the most part it works fluidly, except when I incorporate it with the svmanager. After much experimentation, this is what I want to do.

I have multiple galleries, each with its own SV folder, that contains its own Options AS and swf. However, the first SV always overrides all other SV's following.

I found this post and it describes my problem, I think.

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Felix's response: "This happens because the first Options class loaded overides the others. The solution is to set the Options for each gallery in the shell FLA when the SWF is loaded. Check the onLoadInit() function in the SV-Pro 'multiple_galleries.fla' for an example of how to do this."

I just don't really understand what this means. Can anyone or Felix please explain this in further detail. Thanks a lot everyone.

thanks for the reply.  However, that still doesn't seem to change the actual thumbnail image.  It only seems to change the "frarme" around the thumbs.  I assume, in the automated process that creates the thumbnail images, it crops them to be square. Atleast when i've tried to change it in "options," that's the result.  thanks.

I understand how to change the size of the thumbs, but can the thumbnails be a rectangle and not a square. I can make the frame a rectangle, but the image stays square.  Ideas?

thanks for your reply.  I would like to know if its possible to reverse this idea...
is there a way to change the coding for the multiplegalleries.fla to recognize the file structure generated by the svmanager? that would be awesome if someone can give me a clue.  thanks again.

hopefully this is a simple question that someone can answer...
Can the svmanager that I purchased, work with SVPro's multiple galleries (as in the example provided)?  Someone must have the same need and have an anwer.  thanks.

okay...I'll re-phrase my question...

is it possible to use the svmanager with multiple galleries???

Hi. I'm trying to work with the multiple galleries and notice the file structure is slightly different than the single gallery source.

for the single gallery example, the gallery.xml is in the same folder as the images and thumbs.

for the multi gallery, the gallery1.xml and gallery2.xml is outside the folder that contains the images and thumbs. 

There must be a logical reason why that is.  Otherwise shouldn't it all be uniform. 

I'm still working on trying to work the svmanager, with multiple galleries and a custom SVPro in flash. thanks

I'm just starting to play with SVPRO and not having a lot of success.
I'm using Flash to create a custom desgin with multiple galleries.  I can make them work locally, but the problem is:

1. using buildgallery.php can not recognize the "thumbs" or "images" folders, even after adding them manually.

2. using svmanager to create the galleries and link them from the custom flash

any help would be appreciated. Or if you have a finished version I can look at, so I know its even possible.