Hi Felix,

Clarification please. Are you saying that the Navigation window is not part of Simpleviewer? That's where I'm having the problem. I thought it was the Simpleviewer plugin not holding the options. It's hard to tell who's window is whos.

BTW, I came across your Tiltviewer today, now this is totally awesome!  I'm going to try getting it to run in Rapidweaver. I won't be buggin' you here about that combination.


pw :D

Yes, I cleared the cache.

In Edit mode running Rapidweaver 3.5.1 in Setup ->Navigation Tab the Enable Right Click box mysteriously re-checks itself automatically, my unchecking the box is never saved when I hit OK and File Save.

I do not want right clicking.

Not sure if this makes any difference or not, I'm running a Mac 10.4.11 using Safari 3.0.4. BTW, I've tried other browsers ( Camino, Firefox, Internet Explorer 5.2 for Mac) all with the same result.

Thanks again for your help.

I'm using Rapidweaver 3.5.1 with SimpleViewer 0.2U.

• I uncheck "Enable Right Click Open" hit OK, Save the change. For some reason the change is never saved and that box is automatically checked when the Navigator window is re-opened.

• The weird thing is, on the desktop it will not right click open, but when published the website does indeed Right Click Open.

This allows the image to be dragged off at a larger size, which I do not want, I thought Flash prevented this from happening. This occurs with the many Rapidweaver Themes I've tried. I am aware of the other ways to "borrow" images off the internet, I was hoping to disable one of them.

SimpleViewer is so slick; I was hoping to use it.

Thanks in advance for your help.