PLEASE add this as a function?  please?

It would be amazing to be able to separate the code tweaks from the content in the gallery files..  much like calling an external css file, from within html..

I have lots of galleries on different pages, but all using the same formatting.. 
When i change something...  i have to go through every single folder and page and do it manually, instead of having just one simple file that all the galleries can call back to for formatting....

thank you in advance!!


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Love the work done on SimpleViewer - great scripting!

I have a couple things that I would like to know about customizing.

Can I swap the image nav arrows with an actual image instead of a movieclip?  And have it not treat the image like a movieclip, and just show the image? 
I've done it, but it treats the image like a graphic and applies the color setting to it.

Also, the thumbnails, is there a way to swap the image for the "current selected" instead of the only options of annotating "current: with either the dogear or border?


2 other interests - custom cursors for image nav, can this be implemented somehow?  And any plans to update to AS3?



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have you found where to change this?
I am also trying to change the nav buttons, but finding out that somewhere there is a property value changing the brightness to 100% - but can't seem to find where

ANY help from anyone would really help - i've seen a site where the arrow nav buttons were changed to grey, - but for the life of me, i can't find it.

thanks so much