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I've noticed no replies and maybe it's because I didn't explain properly. I would like the thumbnail alpha reduced to 40% on rollover and back to 100% on its off state.

I read the post "reduce alpha on thumbnails" which was helpful. I can understand the code when reading it, I just don't know what and where the modifications.

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I have 2 questions regarding thumbnails and thumbnail next.

1) How do I change the alpha for the thumbnails in the rollover and rollout state?

2) For thumbnail next button (the arrow that's on the image), I only want the functionality of viewing the next image. Where do I go to resize the 'hit state" so that it covers the entire photo?

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Many thanks for quick response!


(2 replies, posted in SimpleViewer-Pro v1)


I have 2 questions related to thumbnails.

1) Is there a way to change the spacing between the thumbnails?

2) How can I have my thumbnails top aligned with the photo?

many thanks!