Hi Nice work Dukem!  It looks like you did some nice coding to get that gallery to collapse and expand like that!

Thanks to Felix and Dukem for the compliments on my work and site.

Here's my implementation of SimpleViewer Pro on my site.  It uses:

1. manual .xml (poo)  >:(

2. multiple galleries nested in Flash container

3. slightly tweaked options.as from the stock configuration.

Still working on the site but take a look and let me know what you guys think.


Purchased 1.8 Pro.  Followed your instructions and everything is great!


Thanks Felix!  :D

I have 3 questions concerning SimpleViewer Pro 1.8's behavior with thumbnails.

1.  Currently, You can define how many rows and columns you wish for thumbnails.  But the thumbnails always span downward.  (ie: Thumbnails are displayed in column 1 until there is no more room, than SV creates column 2,  then column 3, etc.)

I need SimpleViewer Pro to create rows first, than when that is filled, create row 2, than row 3, etc.  Is this possible?

2. I was told thumbnail size is fixed at 65x65.  But I'm actually looking for the thumbnails to be somewhere closer to 25x25, or 15x15, etc.  The reason is I don't actually want preview thumbnails, I just want to use a small generic colored square to represent the thumb.  Is it possible to tell SV to use smaller thumbs?

3.  Can the padding between thumbs be altered so that smaller thumbs (such as my example), can sit much closer to each other?  My website spans large galleries and I need  the thumbs to be as small, and tightly knit as possible due to most of my clients having small screen real estate.

Any help would be be INCREDIBLY APPRECIATED!!!

Thanks in Advance.