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Thanks for your response

I checked and it is correct that I cannot run Perl, cgi, php scripts...

Since several people will be uploading the images that will be used in the photo gallery, I was trying to avoid having to download all of the photos to my computer.  (It will take too much time and is not automatic.)

Do you have any other suggestions


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I am new to PHP so please be patient. 

My hosting service does not allow me to run PHP or Perl scripts.  However, I have installed the PHP buildgallery script on a remote server and have been able to create a small photo gallery on that server, but due to file size limitations I cannot host my photo gallery there. 

Ideally, I would like to ftp my original images into a directory on another server (in this case they are located in http://home.comcast.net/~myusername/images  )

and then run the buildgallery script and a have the thumbs created on the server where the images reside.

Im not sure exactly how to point the script to the remote image location and don't know if it is possible to create the thumbs where I would like them. 

Any help you can provide would be very much appreciated.

thank you,

p.s.  I forgot to mention that I've tried to the following imagepPath combinations: