Thanks Jack.

This helps a lot.  I'll try your suggestions and report back.


1. Which version and build of svManager are you running? A new version was released very recently so you could be on 1.3 or 1.4. The version number and build is on the admin screen.

I'm using svManager version 1.3.4, build 090513

2. Could you please describe the folder structure of the imported galleries and the location of the svManager folder. Where are the 32 images?

I have a folder called 'test'
inside of it is the following folders:

images (contains nav buttons, etc. NO SV stuff)
thumbs (48 Existing thumbs for all 3 galleries)
portfolio-3 (index.html, gallery.xml, viewer.swf, swfobject.js)
portfolio-2 (same)
portfolio-1 (same)
large (48 Existing large images for all 3 galleries)

additionally there are html docs in this test folder for the rest of the site.

There are 3 galleries with 16 images apiece.  So this is where 32 extra images comes from -- for some reason it's uploading all the images in the 'large' folder: 48 - 16 = 32.

I designed the site so that all of the large images go in one folder and all of the thumbs go in another.  This makes it easy transferring images from one gallery to another -- just use xml to re-route them.

3. I take it that you are seeing this problem when you upload to one of the imported galleries? What happens when you create a new gallery and upload to that?

Correct -- this happens when I upload to an imported gallery but no problem with a new gallery.  I want to convert a photographer's site that has 8 simpleviewer galleries and uses the same shared folder structure as above -- I'd rather not rebuild them all.

4. It might help to see an extract from the xml file for one of your galleries.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<simpleviewergallery maxImageWidth="500" maxImageHeight="500" textColor="0x333333" frameColor="0xA42A27" frameWidth="0" stagePadding="100" navPadding="100" thumbnailColumns="4" thumbnailRows="4" navPosition="left" vAlign="top" hAlign="center" title="Portfolio 1" enableRightClickOpen="false" backgroundImagePath="" imagePath="../large/" thumbPath="../thumbs/">
<image><filename>junot_diaz.jpg</filename><caption><!&#91;CDATA&#91;<b>Junot Diaz</b><br>Slate&#93;&#93;></caption></image>

plus --  15 more entries  -- then


Thanks Jack,



I just bought svmanager today.  It's remarkably easy to install but a little cranky about importing old galleries --  I had to rebuild my galleries using the latest version of simpleviewer to stabilize things, but there's one problem that this didn't solve:

When I upload one image to a gallery (using 'Add Images' in svmanager) , it adds 32 more existing images to the gallery that I don't want to be there.  These are images that were on the server already -- in the existing galleries that I've imported into svmanager.

The only thing I can think of is that the folder that the images are in is called 'large' instead of 'images' -- I do have a folder called 'thumbs'

I'm on a MAC System 10.4.11 using Firefox 3.0.10

Any ideas about how to fix this ?


I've tried those options in the latest version and they do not work.

Hi, can you please explain what doesn't work and how? thanks.

I think I haven't explained clearly what vAlign and hAlign do. They position the 'image area' and thumbnails within the swf. However the main image is still centered inside the image area. This is to allow for both wide and tall images (i.e. different image aspect ratios). The image area dimensions are defined by the maxImageWidth and maxImageHeight options. If you want your images flush to the top (for example) ensure the maxImageHeight option is the same as the height of your images. If you have images with different heights, then the shorter ones will NOT be flush to the top. Make sense?

Hi Felix,

I'm referring to the captions beneath the images.  I'd like them to be centered beneath each image.   I've tried  adjusting static var captionX:  and it doesn't budge the caption.  But that wouldn't achieve centering of all captions beneath an image anyway.

From what I've gathered it's only possible to center the captions by altering a .as document.  The fix that Antoine gave us for top aligning the image (by altering the file) worked nicely -- I'm hoping to find a similar fix for caption centering.



I did not try, to be honest. Did you check out the last version? It seems some  alignment options have been implemented, possibly including caption.


Hello Antoine,

I've tried those options in the latest version and they do not work.

Thanks again for your generosity and competence,


Pfff... stupid me: such an easy fix!!

For reference: edit and replace these two lines:

imgX = Math.round&#40;&#40;w-imgW&#41;/2&#41; + fw;
imgY =  Math.round&#40;&#40;h-imgH&#41;/2&#41; + fw;


imgX = fw;
imgY = fw;

It's in the resizeImage() function.

May be useful for some...

Thanks Antoine --  This helps me greatly !

Do you have any idea how to center captions beneath an image ?


Hi Felix,

I'm having the same problem,

When  fixedLayout is set to true,

I can't get the caption to move horizontally no matter what value I set for:

static var captionX:Number = 50;


Can anyone recommend a way to do the following?

Thumbnail in normal state :  alpha=50

Thumbnail in mouse_over state: alpha=100

In other words, I'd like the thumbs to be transparent (faded) in their normal state and then full opacity when you mouse over them.