There is no way to have different sized thumbs without changing the source. This could get complicated because the movie clip that houses the thumbs is generated based on their height, width and a set padding. You could kind of fake it by creating the rectangle thumbs with a black boarder to make them square.

ok thanks... i will nix this then... cheating would not help coz the smallest thubnail is the square and the retangles are the ones that are bigger than the square since they are horizontal and vertical images... i will just tell them it's impossible... thank you for your help.

To change thumbnail size use thumbnailWidth and thumbnailHeight in

yes i know that much :)
... what i meant was that i need the thumbnails to be of different sizes within the same gallery as i have some that's squarish, and some that's rectangular.

thanks for the links, i will try googling tonight for more answers.


I have search around the forum and have yet found an answer to the question... can someone please let me know where i can change the horizontal page scrolling to a vertical one?

i know there a line is line 126 that will change the direction.
mPagingTwn = new Tween(mClip_mc.mcDisplayArea.mcSlidingDisplayArea, "_x", Strong.easeOut, 0, 0, Options.thumbnailMotionLength, false);

_x change to _y.

but it doesn't really display the thumbnail pages right after... what else do i need to change in order for it to calculate via the thumbnail area height instead of width?

also is it possible for the thumbnails to be in different sizes?
padding in between horizontally to be one value and padding vertically to be another value?

Please help me if anyone know the answers.


okie!!! i have solve the mystery... for the styling and color of the text anyways... but i still haven't been able to fix the text alignment issue... anyone can tell me how to right align?? i have tried selecting right-align on the text box, also <span style="text-align: right"> on the xml... nothing works...


for those ppl who are interested in how i solve the mystery of the styling, color and font face issue. here's the solution...

Whatever style that you want to define in your html, you must have a corresponding empty dynamic textfield with that style with embedded fonts. duh... stupid me :P

so my case i have 3 different empty dynamic text fields on the side that has the style i want embedded.

and in my xml i have
<caption><![CDATA[<font face="Palatino" size="12" color="#231F20">6 Pots in Pasadena</font><br><font color="##231F20">16" x 20" Oil on Canvas</font><br><br><font face="Myriad Italic" color="#231F20">Original</font><br>$ 000.00  Unframed<br>$ 000.00  Framed<br><br><font face="Myriad Italic" color="#231F20">Giclee print reproduction*<br>(signed by the artist)</font><br>$ 000.00  Unframed<br>$ 000.00  Framed]]></caption>

now the caption looks like this...[/img]


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ditto... i think the single button which toggles between play and pause would be sufficient... autoplay is such a nifty feature for lazt viwers... please reconsider adding it in. thanks

Flash ho wrote:

Hi an-mew,
See the FAQ #14 for html formatting. … r/faq.html
I'm not sure why yours isn't working, looks ok from here.

to set your text box to align Right ( left is the default) open simpleviewer.fla, select the caption textbox and in the property box ck align right icon


Hi Flash ho,

Yes that's where i got the code example from... but it didn't work... tags with color and font face and italics just shows up as blank, the only thing i can set is font size and the line breaks <br>. I dun get it either. I did try setting the text align on the .fla file exactly the way you said to, it didn't work unless i uncheck the "Render text as html" box, which then will screw up the appearance of the caption. That's why i'm asking for help... ran out of ideas... and have no idea how to modify the .as functions.

Any ideas please?? i'm totally lost :'(

Just bought simple viewer pro... and everything works great... however there's one thing which i can't get right, which is formatting the caption text with html tags.

font face and color doesn't apply neither does <i></i>

<caption><![CDATA[<font face="Times" size="12" color="#000000">At Day&apos;s End</font><br>18" x 24" Oil on Canvas<br><br><i>Original</i><br>$ 560.00  Unframed<br>$ 750.00  Framed<br><i>Giclee print reproduction*</i><br>(signed by the artist)<br>$ 130.00  Unframed<br>$ 275.00  Framed]]></caption>

also how do i set the text to left-align?

HELP PLEASE??  :oops:

i'm gonna post up jpgs of how i want the text to look and how it looks currently with the above code.

current image with the code above -

how i want it to look like -