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hei felix

i put tiltviewer in a relative path like this
if i try the same with the swfobject.js then i get the error message


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hei guys,

tiltviewer is really cool and i got everything running with my flickr.
my question is: do i need to put swfobject.js in every gallery i made? i put one tiltviewer.swf in a folder and have a relative path from every gallery to it and it works fine, but when i try it with swfobject.js (with a relative or an absolute path) i get the message: "TiltViewer requires JavaScript and the latest Flash player. Get Flash here."
my problem is less the size (33 galleries * 7kb swfobjects.js = 264kb) it is more that when u update tiltviewer i will have to exchange every single file in 33 folders and there will be more in the future.
so is there a way or do i have to go with the method of putting the file in every gallery? i will live with it since i use free software.
also, will there be a possibility in the future to use picasa web. flickr is cool but it is limited to 200 pictures per free account. gets a little bit complex to have multiple accounts for multiple galleries.

keep up the good work. tiltviewer is really good.
best regards


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sorry to ask but where does this code to be put, i have no experience in javascript.