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fineartbymary com/auctions/index html


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I've had no problems!


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- I've set the frameWidth to -5 for the front view, but now the text on the back goes right to the edges. Is there any way to pad or add margins to this in the XML file?

I have the same question.  As far as I can tell, there isn't.  I even tried sticking with a black background, and setting my frameWidth size to 30.  Although the frames weren't visible, the backside still had no margin around the text, which is what I was hoping for.

What are you using as an html editor?

Actually, I put instructions also.  It's a good idea because not everyone knows what to do, even though it is intuitive.

Here's mine:




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Well, I still can't post my page's address, so I'll just spell it out:  fineartbymary (period) com.


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...lastly, how can i get my background to stay centered and resize perfectly no matter what size resolution, or what how i shrink my page manually. like in the free version of tilt viewer.  THanks

Your page looks great.  To have it center when you are embedding it into an html page, just set your margins to "auto" using CSS and that will automatically center the page.

You can look at the code behind my page at fineartbymary dot com / indextemp dot html


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so there is a number of us here now, time to showcase tiltviewer in action - i'm sure everyone here would like to see how it is being used.

i'll start with mine:

What breathtakingly beautiful photography!   :lol:

I just viewed it in IE7.  I tried using Opera, but the browser kept locking up.  It's obviously an Opera problem.  My page was doing fine in Opera until I loaded menu I created, and then it started the locking up.  So, I went at it with IE7 and tried your page again.  No problems, and your site is awesome.

I am obviously still building mine and will post the link as soon as I can. :rolleyes:


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That was really cool how you worked the text in the way you did.  And, here I was all wondering how to fit text on my page and not crowd the viewer.  Perfect idea!


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I am really pleased with this viewer.  I had no trouble getting it to validate, which is important to me.  I try to have all my pages coded HTML 4.01 Strict, and because of the swfObject code already there I didn't have to go through a bunch of rigamarole dealing the the dreaded "embed" scenario.  Way to go Airtight!



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I would post the link, but I have to wait, too.  I tried to look at your link, bjwok, but every time I went there, my browser locked up.   :?

I really like this thing, and I intend to purchase the pro version soon.