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Well, I did get it working.

Actually, I did see that two different versions of swfobject were being called. Removed one and still had the same problem.

In fact, another issue in FireFox was that the gallery was shrunk down really small -- which I didn't notice since I needed it small, anyway. Client wanted it much bigger, so I reworked the whole template, but couldn't get it bigger.

I rebuilt the page from scratch and tested it every step of the way. What I discovered was that SV doesn't like being stuck in a table. Once I took it out of the table, I could control the size again and it showed up in IE and Safari.

I appreciate the help!


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Here ya go...

waterlynnridgeapts dot com/photos.php

The gallery shows up in FireFox, but not in IE or Safari.

I pretty much copy/pasted the code from the example in the SV html file.

I believe the Flash file is loading, because the error text appears to be covered.

I'd post the link to the page, but since I'm new here, the forum is preventing me from doing so.