Firefox is also CM-aware if you install the plug-in. I agree saving images as sRGB is the way to go, but even as sRGB there is a difference viewing images with/without using a colour-managed viewer (whether it be flash or non-CM-aware browser).

I agree with zuellen, I think the suggested FAQ is not a solution. Seems like compiling SV with an AS3 version of Flash (and player v10) is the only real solution. Colour management is an important issue - hopefully it will be properly addressed.


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Thanks jack - it's interesting. I'll give it a go. It would be great if the code could generate this automatically (and perhaps keep the 'new' tag there for a user-definable period, e.g. 24 hours) but I guess it's not feasible, since as you said the index page is meant to be simple.


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Hi, I'm a new user. There's a couple of things I'd like to see add to the program in the future (or some tips would be appreciated).

- an option to accompany the latest gallery link(s) in the index page with a 'NEW' gif or similar, so visitors are drawn to the latest links

- ability to reorder images in the admin tool (since it seems not possible or easy to change the image sequence order, except for direct XML editing of course). [edit: ok I see the third post here which is a help]