i'm using multiple galleries (http://www.sievingnectar.com/demo/geco/version03/), and every now and again, when clicking on the gallery it defaults to what's in simple viewer..

e.g. the caption begins with..'Captions can be HTML formatted. Supported tags are bold etc etc'..
...and only 'X's appear instead of my usual images

do you know what this might be?


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thanks Felix, so it's using simpleviewer.fla not multiplegalleries.fla


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Hi - I'm using Simpleviewer Pro, and just needed to know do I need to embed the font I want to use in multiple galleries?


thanks Felix for your reply, I'd assumed it was a straightforward thing to do without actionscript, and couldn't figure out why i couldn't get it to work

hello, can anyone help.. (i'm just trying to finish a job off and can't put the client off any longer!) and i'm trying to get an answer about adding an extra caption and how to do it..

the reason i need to do it is i need two separate pieces of text for each image and to position them independently from each other



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http://www.sievingnectar.com/demo/geco/version03/ (click on gallery)

I'd like to extra captions that i'm going to use for things like a ref number/title etc, so I can position them accurately in the code rather than position them in the xml

how do I go about making new captions?

thanks in advance


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how do you put a new caption in?


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my gallery us sitting on CD - how would i put a download button to appear under each image?


I'm using simpleviewer pro/multiple galleries - I need to add another caption/textfield

I've been looking all over the forums and can't find any information..need a step by step bit of instruction


ah sussed it..

    _root.xmlDataPath = "xml/objects/gallery"+galleryId + ".xml";


is this right felix

_root.xml.objects.xmlDataPath = "gallery"+galleryId + ".xml";

where i've put gallery1 in folder xml>objects?


I've got 4 sections with 7 galleries in each - i just wanted to place the gallery1.xml etc in separate folders, how do alter the path in the AS?

on the button here..

mcGal1.onRelease = function(){

and load function here..

function onLoadInit(){
    //set gallery xml name
    _root.xmlDataPath = "gallery"+galleryId + ".xml";
    //set gallery specific options
    if (galleryId == 1){
        com.airtightinteractive.apps.viewers.simpleViewer.Options.imageFrameColor = 0xffffff;
        com.airtightinteractive.apps.viewers.simpleViewer.Options.imageFrameColor = 0xffffff;

//load first gallery


Hi Freddy, don't know if you found the answer but I was having the same problem...delete the mask layer in multiple galleries

Hi, my gallery will eventually sit on cd but just need to show it over the web to get it ok'd

i can see it fine in firefox, but not in IE does anyone know why?

www sievingnectar com/demo/geco/version01/examples/Flash%20Embed/multiple_galleries swf

Bloody ell! found out what it was, after coming across the information that 'system fonts dont work with masks'...though I'd remove the mask from the multiple galleries.fla and voila captions/text appeared!

it's took longer than hoped trying to get how all the folders worked, and no amount of searching on the forums seems to provide any definitive introduction to how the folders, .swfs relate to each other -

anyhow still left with the same proble - no captions/titles in the multigallery though the viewer.swf created by simpleviewer.fla that I've placed in the same folder does have title/captions???

(further to above)

in the multiple gallery  i used as a template, there is no 'title' or 'caption' movie clip,

when i copied them and pasted them from the simpleviewer.fla in source folder they don't appear?

Hi, i'm using multiple galleries,

to explain.. in my swf i've got 4 sections each containing 7 galleries (categories)

I've got the first part working fine, toggling between the 7 galleries in one section

To create the other sections and their galleries I've copied and pasted the frames and just put a 'gotoandstop' on the section buttons, and it's working ok...

...is that the right way to do it?

I'm using multiple galleries, and I was wondering why is the viewer.swf in the same folder and in the AS code?

i'm quickly trying to get to grips with setting up SV pro with multiple galleries - i'm building a resource gallery for some history teachers which will be on CD, so it will autoload the swf.

don't know if i'm doing it right, but I'm using the multiplegallery.fla and changing to how i need it.

the first problem i'm having is the captions and titles aren't on the multiple galleries. i've put an example but got an error when i posted