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Strange: I usually create my galleries via Picasa. As I couldn't integrate my background pic into this gallery, I downloaded the Simple Viewer 1.8 version, which has to be adapted manually, as far as I see. Integrating a background pic was no problem with this version...


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No, don't think so.

This is my gallery: http://user1106.hostingbase.de/test2/
This is my background: http://user1106.hostingbase.de/test2/bg.jpg
This is my XML-file: http://user1106.hostingbase.de/test2/imageData.xml

Any help is appreciated...


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So you just added something like backgroundImagePath="http://www.website.de/images/bkgnd.jpg" to the XML-file? Doesn't work for me... :(


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I would be very grateful for a brief tutorial on how to use an JPG or SWF as a background of SV.

I tried to add "backgroundimagepath" to the XML-file, but the image is not shown.

By the way Sam, I can see your background in IE7, but nor in Firefox...