Can we have caption under the main image without thumbnails ?

In option.as, i've changed captionUnderThumbs to false
And in the XML options thumbnailcolumns="0" thumbnailRows="0"

but it doesn"t work, any idea ? Thank you for your reply

Thanks a lot, it's work !!!

I have a contact button, and i would like when people click on it to have a hyperlink to my mail.

Can someone help ?

I guess i need to set button actions in actionscript ?
If yes,  i can't find the script ?


Not exactly...

My problem is when i'm resizing the window of my browser,
the viewer is moving by the same time.

My menu doesn't move so at some point the viewer and the menu overlaps.

So i'm trying to find a solution to resolve this, any suggestion ?



I would like to place my "multiple viewer" in a fixed box.

So i guess i need to change the content of the "load_multiple_viewers.html" ?

But i can't find the code to add to modify it.

Please can someone help ?


nb : I've check the example you give in file "box example" but it doesn't work with the multiple viewer.


There is a logo i would like to place instead of the title

I've place this logo in the title library. It's work.

But, the logo is in 3 differents colors
And it's only appear in one color (the one i've put on the gallery.xml)

What can i do to ?


Ok Flash ho,

I've find another solution, i've download the "load multiple galleries fla" (so i can change the position of the button MovieClips in flash)

But i can't figure out how to place de viewer in the center of the page as right now it's place on the upper left side ?

I try to move the "mcViewer" but it doesn't work.

Can you help

Hi, Just bought SV Pro.
I'm trying to have a multiple gallery.
I know nothing about Flash or html code etc ... , just using a text edit to do my site.

I've add this code (below) in my index file :

div id="" ><a href = "../Gallery1/index.html">Gallery1</a> | <a href = "../Gallery2/index.html">Gallery2</a>

And it appear to work but it is on the upper left side

How can i do to  :
1/ have it in the bottom/center of the page (below the caption)
2/ can i have it with the same font/size as the caption

Sorry for my english
Thanks for your help