Sorry, Richard. My mistake!

Thanks again.


Thanks for the reply.

Yes, I agree that load time is an issue for the current design. Especially as the image creation will be left to people who are, let us say, a bit short on graphics knowledge.

Once again, thanks for the tips. I will look into this and I'll send a link to you when I have finalised it.

Hey Felix,

Thanks for the fix on my last post. Worked perfectly.

I have a fairly broad but important question to ask.

First of all, I have noticed that most SimpleViewer gallery layouts I have found online are more or less pretty similar to each other. I also realise that most of these galleries are not the Pro version and hence are not greatly customisable.

Please have a look at a hard-coded gallery I have set up for a client of mine:

They are a small construction company, but would like to self administer their galleries. My question is, and I wanted to ask this before spending a lot of time on Simpleviewer only to find out it isn't as customisable as this, is can a SimlpeViewer Pro gallery be customised to CLOSELY resemble the gallery I have already created?

Any thoughts whatsoever here would be greatly appreciated!

Are you using Macromedia Flash MX04 (v7.2) or later to publish?

Felix - that did it! Great and thanks for your time.

I am using Flash MX04 v7.0.

Maybe I should get the update?

Tha=nks, GERSEN

Hey out there.

This problems is with regards to SimpleViewer Pro.

I have altered the "" file to reduce the default size of the thumbnails. Following the documentation, I then republished the flash file. When the file is being published, the Flash Output window reports 21 errors, all with more or less the same issue, eg:

**Error** Line 82: There is no method with the name 'Delegate'.
                    mNextBtn.doAction = Delegate.create(this, onClickNext); 

I can give you the entire list if it will help.

I put the resulting "viewer.swf file in it's appropriate place (replacing the old one). The result is that the Load bar at the beginning of the gallery load just loops neverendingly.

I have tried this a few times and the same problem exists. Is this a common problem or am I missing something basic here?