Anybody know how to incorporate this into SVpro

I retouch photographs and his would be the perfect solution for artists to show their before and after work

i think this would be awesome but dont know the first place to start


any help in pointing me in the right direction would help and ill upload the final to anyone who wants it

Id like to add a sound to the rollover of the thumbnails. And a click to the pressing of the mouse.  in which actionscript do i add this to plus an example of the code would be helpfull. Thanks in advance! great work!

ok I edited exactly as flash ho decribes too, and I keep seeing the same caption the only time it changes is when I add another childnode in but that just makes the second picture the second caption. heres my xml data:
    <caption>test first caption</caption>   
    <caption2>second caption test</caption2>   
Ive dont this for a week and Im missing something driving me nuts
can I get a copy of with a working extra text box sent to me to? thx the olny area that needs to be edited?
nothin in fla? correct?