In your opinion and experience using Simpleviewer, would you say and consider that the product is "Search Engine Friendly"?

The reason I am asking is if you want to create a gallery of products for sale, then will the gallery be indexed and searched correctly by the major engines i.e. Google, Yahoo, etc

Or should another option be taken in consideration, or could Simpleviewer be tweaked to be search friendly?

Thank you in advance for your responses.


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This might help

Good luck!

Give this a try [url =] How to implement multiple SimpleViewer Galleries in one existing page layout [/url]

Good luck!

The one thing I noticed from your post is that you are calling the xml file like so "/schmuck/ensemble/" , instead do it without the first forward slash like this and see what happens "schmuck/ensemble/"

The xml file works in the same way



The following chunk of code is what goes in your page:

<script type="text/javascript">
   var so = new SWFObject("schmuck/ensemble/viewer.swf", "gallery", "550", "381", "8");
   so.addParam("quality", "high");
   so.addParam("wmode", "transparent");
   so.addVariable("xmlDataPath", "schmuck/ensemble/gallery.xml");
   so.addParam("xmlDataPath", "schmuck/ensemble/gallery.xml");
   so.addParam("title", "Gallery 2");   

Hope that helps


I hope you were able to fix your problem. But if not this is a tutorial I put together for the multiple gallery question that you have. It is easy to follow and gives you code to introduce and explains it. Plus it gives you a clear idea of directory structure and so on. Hope it helps.


Hope this helps How to implement multiple SimpleViewer Galleries in one existing page layout.

Hey Richard, no problem. With the amount of amazing support that you give around here my contribution is only a grain of salt in comparison. I just hope it helps others.  ;)

Perhaps this might help you to get the two galleries going in one page.



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Photoshop, Illustrator and Fireworks have the ability to converting them to a swf file.

I am not sure if the trial version will allow you to save into the swf format. Perhaps do some research into open source alternatives as well.

Do you have a link to the problem site?

Check this example here.

Hope that helps an answer some of your questions.


Hey there, check this example on how to add multiple galleries into an existing html layout.

The example loads the galleries into the page without using frames or invoking other html pages to load in divs, etc.



Amazing photography and incredible gallery implementation. Superb job.


Excellent idea to post sv galleries here.

Please give your thoughts and suggestions on my gallery.



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Thanks and glad you liked it. I will post the link to the gallery on your new thread which sounds like a great idea.



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It is possibele to have the movie contain the images and files, But that would defeat the purpose of SV. no preloading, no easy edits, etc etc etc

I do agree with you but in essence the viewer is dependent upon the picture gallerie and the thumbs + the xml file.

If you notice most of the issues that come up in the forum consist of people not able to succesfully path things correctly to make the gallery work. So having the ability to put everything in one "container" would eliminate all these problems.



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Flash Ho, thanks for your reply.

No url as I am testing locally but what I can tell you is that while visiting sites with IE7 a display asking me to install flash was coming up on some sites and not in others.

After going to the Adobe site to check for the flash plugin succesful install it indicates that I did have version 9 installed but for example was asking me to download flash.

So after using Adobes flash uninstall program and reinstalling again things got worse. Trying the standalone flash installer + the activex installer did nothing for me.

Finally an adobe forum came up with a relevant problem that some people tracked down to a registry key which was not allowing the installation of the flash9.ocx (activex control) due to a permissions change. So after changing permissions before reinstalling again I granted full permissions to the key and put it back to its previous setting and now things are peachy again.

By the way Adobe lists support for Flash 9 for IE6 not 7. And the only reason I am using IE7 is for testing purposes.

My gallery issues are mostly clear I think and you can check it out here.


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Has anyone experienced any issues with IE 7 RC1 and Simpleviewer not working correctly?

I can view galleries inside IE 6 without a problem but on IE7 the only thing that displays is the loading screen, then a blank page comes up and the only visible object is the simpleviewer link at the bottom right which doesn't work.

Any ideas, workarounds or suggestions?

Thanks in advance.


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Sorry if I didn't clearly explain.

But I find that to eliminate possible errors linking the gallery images, xml, etc I find it easier to have a movie will all those elements embeded instead of having linked items.


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I will like to know if a way exists in which you can self contain the xml file and both thumbs and image galleries into a movie. The purpose of it is to embed the final result or distribute only that "container" instead of the usual linking of the xml, images and thumbs + viewer.

So if such way exists and keeping in mind that I don't really have a clue as to what to do in flash, could someone please let me know if such thing is possible and how.

I thank you in advance.