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What I find missing in simpleviewer is a sort of menu of simpleviewer galleries to choose from. In the slideshow discussion, tomcraig talks of the SlideShowPro application (http://www.slideshowpro.net/) which has that kind of thing. If you click in the icon in the left bottom, a kind of menu scrolls up showing al the photo galleries of the site. You can choose one of the galleries or just go back to the one you came from. This would be great to be the "start page" of the flash application, giving users the chance to pick the gallery that they want to see.

This could be a separate flash application, that uses the simpleviewer application.


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Thats nice, we do howewer need the first step to get a parameter to be passed on.

Indeed, it would be great if it were provided in the future versions of simpleviewer.
And as a developer, I don't think that it is a difficult thing to implement for the developers of simpleviewer. Just a parameter that can be passed to the flash containing the sequencenumber of the picture that has to be shown as the default picture when the simpleviewer starts.


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If you would agree upon integrating a parameter like "First_Picture", I would figure out the php code to get it from the url and to build it randomly as well. (solving my request for a random picture...) I am pretty sure to find someone to do the same in javascript.

In javascript, to generate a random integer between 0 and 100:
var i = Math.round(100*Math.random())
It couldn't be any easier!


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It would be a great feature to be able to pass a parameter to the swf file for setting the first picture.

People with server side scripting (php, cgi, servlets, jps, asp, ...) could then easily implement a page that has a parameter and passes its value to the swf file.

People without server side scripting could use a javascript (client side) function to set a cookie containing the image they want to show as the first image. Then in the page with the swf, they could use javascript (client side) to read the cookie and pass its value to the swf. Such javascript isn't difficult at all. See http://techpatterns.com/downloads/javas … ookies.php Of course, for visitors of the website that have cookies turned off, it won't work.