Thank you Richard! Now I get it.

i'm new here so i'm not sure what you mean by "see the examples folder in Sv for multiple galleries in the SV folder"...where is this folder?


Sorry! I know this topic has been discussed before.

I carefully read and reread the answers to questions 11 & 16. I followed instructions and I was successful in inserting simpleviewer into existing HTML page. I can't figure out how to get my links to different galleries to open up on the same HTML page as they do in … gallery1/. When i substitute the urls in this code
<a href = "../Gallery2/index.html">Gallery 1</a> | <a href = "../StillLife/index.html">Gallery 2</a>, new window opens up to display each gallery. is there another bit of code i have to place somewhere on the menu page to make sure that index.html page from each gallery opens in the menu page or do i add code to the index pages?

I realize this must be very easy and i just don't have enough knowledge or brain power to make it work. I would appreciate any help.