So I used Simpleviewer on my website to display some photos and cartoons I do myself.  I decided to do it the way where the galleries are embedded within the HTML pages.  The thing is, I have multiple galleries display on a single HTML page.  This works fine in Mozilla Firefox--all the galleries display both locally and on a server.

As for Internet Explorer and Safari, both browsers only display one of the multiple galleries on each page (this occurs both locally and on a server).  All the other galleries just display the "AutoViewer requires JavaScript and the Flash Player. Get Flash here." message.  Another weird thing is that the gallery that should be at the bottom of the page is the only gallery that actually will work in IE or Safari, but it displays at the top-most gallery. 

Just some weird quirks.  Check out the problem I'm having by looking at

and be sure to check them out in both Firefox and IE to see what I mean.